Little Things

Written by Donald Schnell

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This isrepparttar key to Spiritual Enlightenment. What arerepparttar 122403 little things you can do today, or this week that will make your life richer? One thing is certain; you are going to arrive torepparttar 122404 end of your week. It is up to you as to "who" will be arriving.

What steps are you taking today to see that you will be more peaceful, more loving, more compassionate --in short, more enlightened by week's end?

Little Things.

Play a game. Smile and give every third person you meet today a BIG smile and some warm enthusiasm. Make their day. That's one ofrepparttar 122405 secrets to spiritual success. Make someone else's day better.

Why every third person and why not everyone? Because we are playing a game. If you try this with everyone, you will soon go unconscious again. You will forget. So playrepparttar 122406 game. You are training your subconscious with a new little habit of cheer.

Rememberrepparttar 122407 lesson of Las Vegas? The slot machines are carefully designed by psychologists to pay out atrepparttar 122408 rates that make you most likely to continue. Not every time. A little win here, a little win there. It builds your confidence. The process is called fixed variable reinforcement and it isrepparttar 122409 most powerful behavioral change technique known.

So play a game. Dorepparttar 122410 little things. Give a smile…every third person…stay aware…don't forget!

Have some main course salads this week. Every fourth meal. Take whatever you are eating, your rice, vegetables, beans, chicken potatoes or fish, and cut them small, and put them into a nice green salad. You WILL lost weight, and you'll feel more spiritually fit.

Smile BIG at every third person… even if it is a phone contact. Smile throughrepparttar 122411 phone.


Little things.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Lao Tzu-Chinese philosopher of Taoism

Donald Schnell isrepparttar 122412 author of The Initiation. Free: Enlightenment 101 newsletter

Donald Schnell is the author of "The Initiation". He has inspired thousands of individuals to awaken their inner power. Visit his site to subscribe to a free weekly newsletter on enlightened living.

ghost worlds

Written by mark rabusseau

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Since then Mary Lou and I have been ghost hunting with our digital camera and EMF detector. Our best luck has been onrepparttar battlefields of Gettysburg. Most ofrepparttar 122402 pictures we have are of orbs which seem to be semi-translucent balls of energy. When we ghost hunt we follow a list of guidelines such as no smoking, no rain or adverse weather conditions, it must be a clear day with no dust floating around. We don't seerepparttar 122403 ghost with our eyes, butrepparttar 122404 digital camera picks uprepparttar 122405 energy they seem to produce. please view my home page at:

printer, amateur ghost hunter

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