Little Know Method Will Make You More Sales

Written by Edward Thorpe

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Making that sale.

You and I know that nearly every Tom, Dick and Mary Jane onrepparttar internet are also selling affiliate programs. In fact, there's plenty of competition for any affiliate program you pick.

Personally, I don't think you should view it as competition. That type of thinking is self-limiting. There's more than enough business for each of us.

Instead of thinking ofrepparttar 127466 other affiliates as competition, think of them as part of your marketing team. Watch their marketing tactics and strategies.

Then You Improve on their tactics. You Fine tune their strategies. In other words, begin looking at your competition for immediate sales help.

Go one step further. Transform your competition into your mentors. Regard them as your teachers. And yes, let them become your sales trainers.

Here's how you do that. Don't do business like they do. Be different. Set yourself apart fromrepparttar 127467 other affiliates.

How do you do that? Most simple operation inrepparttar 127468 world...

Be yourself. Don't be afraid to let YOU out. YOU can't be copied. Use YOU as your marketing edge.

Word of Caution.

I'm not suggesting you steal from other affiliates. Nope, I'm suggesting that you learn from their style. Then... Improve. Test. Enhance, i.e. Add value. By using your unique self to your advantage.

Make sure you give thanks for their help for your improved sales stats. Always maintain a grateful attitude toward them and their unknowing help.

Byrepparttar 127469 way, this tactic of using YOU as your marketing edge is an example of Branding. I have an affiliate program that is all about Branding. If you're interested let me know.

Meanwhile, back onrepparttar 127470 internet farm...

Dear Reader, This method will work for you. It Will help you make more sales.

So git on out there. Ain't no room for no wallflowers. Jump inrepparttar 127471 mix and dance.

Be yourself. There's no one like you. And YOU DO DESERVE IT ALL!

Go - Go - Go - Go Make that sale. Your Home Grown Biz depends on it...

Peace, Helping YOU make More Sales!

Edward Thorpe, The Laziest Dude on the Internet, publishes The Home Grown Biz Advocate. Smart, funny and candid Home Biz Opp selling tips, tricks & free help. Get yours at

The BIG Website Traffic Lie!

Written by Grady Smith

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Second, you can do it yourself.

Start with a headline. Right up front give your products strongest benefit. Make a promise in your headline, and then explain howrepparttar promise and benefits work torepparttar 127465 customers potential inrepparttar 127466 body of your sales letter.

Createrepparttar 127467 main part of your sales letter as if itís so irresistible that no one can refuse. Give them strong benefits. Show them your product is a huge value that canít be missed.

Close your sales letter withrepparttar 127468 disadvantages of not accepting your offer. Inrepparttar 127469 beginning, explainrepparttar 127470 downside, and endrepparttar 127471 proposition withrepparttar 127472 down side.

Give a strong satisfaction guarantee, and youíve got a sales letter that grabsrepparttar 127473 reader byrepparttar 127474 throat and doesnít let go until they input their credit card information.

Of course, this is a basic list of your sales letters goal. There are plenty of resources and articles online that will teach yourepparttar 127475 complete story on banging out a sales letter that works. Explore and learn. Never give uprepparttar 127476 pursuit of making a sales letter that puts money in your pocket. Itísrepparttar 127477 best time and money investment youíll ever make for your business.

Grady Smith offers FREE evaluation of your current sales letter, and turns websites into moneymakers. Visit him for your FREE consultation and list of his services.

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