Little Bugs Teach Big Lessons

Written by Lisa M. Hendey

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Adam shared his take onrepparttar film:

Allrepparttar 144347 citizens of Buggelsville (bugs, of course) are having a picnic! Antonirepparttar 144348 Ant is performing at picnic doing acrobatics when Roderickrepparttar 144349 Cockroach suddenly makes Antoni do even more tricks (like juggling). Antoni messes up, falls torepparttar 144350 ground, deeply humiliated, because everyone is laughing at him (not with him). Meanwhile, back in Egypt, Joseph is telling one of servants about how his brothers had treated him so cruelly. Back down in Buggelsville, Antoni is creating a machine to get back at Roderick. It’s a catapult called “The Rodinator Special”, designed to throw slime atrepparttar 144351 target. (Antoni’s job is an inventor). While Joseph is forgiving his brothers, Antoni decides to not take his revenge, but instead forgives Roderick. This is why you should watch this movie.

A great comic book accompanies this first episode, reinforcingrepparttar 144352 biblical and moral concepts presented inrepparttar 144353 film. The DVD version includes special features and interactive games. With a running time of 25 minutes, “Blessing in Disguise” is a fast paced way to enjoy a little uplifting entertainment without having your child glued to a screen for a couple of hours. Your child will also want to visit for more fun and learning adventures. Episode two ofrepparttar 144354 series, “A Giant Problem: The David Story” exploresrepparttar 144355 Old Testament account of David and his battle with Goliath. For more information onrepparttar 144356 Bugtime Adventures series, visit

Lisa M. Hendey is a mother of two sons, webmaster of numerous web sites, including and For more information, visit her at

Lisa M. Hendey is a mother of two sons, webmaster of numerous web sites, including and For more information, visit her at

Are Public Schools Anti-Parent?

Written by Joel Turtel

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“I first became aware ofrepparttar protective behaviors curriculum when a mother called me to tell me of an experience she had with her daughter. Her child, an elementary schoolgirl, had come home in tears. When she saw that her mother was home and waiting for her, she rushed to her in relief. AI wasn’t sure you’d be here, she told her mother. Her mother reassured her that she would always be there for her. In school that day, her daughter told her, her class had discussed “bad” touching including spanking."

"Inrepparttar 144346 course ofrepparttar 144347 discussion, children had been encouraged to share withrepparttar 144348 teachers and classmates whether they had ever been touched in that way andrepparttar 144349 girl had said that her mother had spanked her. The children were also told that people who engaged in bad touching would be taken away and put in jail. Forrepparttar 144350 rest ofrepparttar 144351 school dayrepparttar 144352 girl was terrified that her mother who had spanked her would now be taken away and locked up for her bad touching."

Parents, it might be wise to periodically ask your children if their teachers ask them personal questions about your family or how you discipline your children. Turning children into spies against their parents or making them afraid of their parents is not what parents pay school taxes for.

Joel Turtel is the author of “Public Schools, Public Menace: How Public Schools Lie To Parents and Betray Our Children." Website:, Email:, Phone: 718-447-7348. Article Copyrighted © 2005 by Joel Turtel. NOTE: You may post this Article on another website only if you set up a hyperlink to Joel Turtel’s email address and website URL,

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