Litter Box Strategies for Disabled Cats

Written by Nancy E. Wigal

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Your vet and you can further consult on additional techniques and solutions. One such solution is learning to express your cat's bladder to cut down onrepparttar number of cat urine puddles you will find in your home.

Missing a limb:

Cats who are amputees will want to dorepparttar 146602 right thing by usingrepparttar 146603 cat litter box, but due to limited mobility, may get frustrated and userepparttar 146604 floor. They loserepparttar 146605 ability to scratch atrepparttar 146606 cat litter to cover their production, as well as maintaining balance while eliminating waste.

You can find a plastic storage bin that has high sides. On one or both ends, cut a "U" shaped opening so thatrepparttar 146607 bottom ofrepparttar 146608 "U" is about two inches fromrepparttar 146609 container bottom. This will helprepparttar 146610 amputee kitty get in and out ofrepparttar 146611 modifiied cat litter box easily.

You may wish to consider confining your special kitty when you're not home to cut downrepparttar 146612 number of places to find cat urine and feces spots. Give her a nice room with her favorite food, clean water, toys, and a clean cat litter box that she can easily hop in and out of.

Consult with your vet. She may have experience with other feline patients and can pass on "lessons learned" to you.

Very old, or senior kitties:

One ofrepparttar 146613 most frequent problems for senior kitties is they can develop confusion and dementia. The cat then forgets where her litter box is located, and findsrepparttar 146614 nearest convenient place to eliminate. Another very frequent health issue for old cats is stiffness in their joints, which can limit their mobility.

If their cat litter box is far away, or is in a now-inaccessible location, kitty will once again develop her own cat litter box location that is more convenient.

In these cases, keep more litter boxes available, and limit your cat's traveling distance. For example, if your cat starts voluntarily confining herself to one particular part of your home, put a cat litter box nearby. You may also have to changerepparttar 146615 type of cat litter box you're using, if it's too difficult for her to get in and out of.

Once again, your local kitty vet may will have more solutions to discuss with you.

If you have one of these special kitties, it's essential that you keep a good enzyme cleaner in stock at all times to quickly and efficiently clean up cat urine and feces spots. Good luck, and bless you!

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A Review of Cat Fancy Magazine

Written by Jason Canon

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Of courserepparttar absolute best part of Cat Fancy Magazine isrepparttar 146287 surprise that comes from their monthly feature stories. Everything about cats from their ancient Egyptian history to their downtown New York penthouse dwellings is covered. Naturally, Cat Fancy Magazine features photographs ofrepparttar 146288 most stunning cats inrepparttar 146289 world but it also includesrepparttar 146290 everyday house cat on an equal pawing. Practical stories such as how to save on veterinary bills and an enjoyable monthly editorís note from Susan Logan help round outrepparttar 146291 value ofrepparttar 146292 magazine.

The complete Cat Fancy Magazine review and associated graphics are online at:

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