Listening Techniques For More Effective Meetings, Part II

Written by V. Berba Velasco Jr., Ph.D.

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Third Ė and perhaps most importantly Ė it helps build morale by affirmingrepparttar other personís worth. By reflectingrepparttar 151019 speakerís words back to him, we demonstrate that we care about what that person has to say. This allowsrepparttar 151020 other person to voice his grievances or ideas, and to feel appreciated inrepparttar 151021 process. Even if we reject that personís ideas completely, he can at least feel appreciated inrepparttar 151022 process.

Of course, you donít want to reflect someoneís words back every time that person speaks. That would be overkill, and it can sound tremendously insincere. It is enough to simply summarize that personís ideas now and then, preferably when we think we have a reasonably clear overview of what he has to say.

Reflective listening techniques take very little effort to master, especially if youírerepparttar 151023 type of person who genuinely does care about others. They are an easy yet powerful way to enhance communication, and they can build stronger work relationships inrepparttar 151024 process.

V. Berba Velasco Jr., Ph.D. is a senior electrical and software engineer at CTL (Europe, China), an ELISPOT products and services provider.

The Leadership Talk As A Living Hologram

Written by Brent Filson

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According torepparttar holographic paradigm, we are really "receivers" participating in a kaleidoscopic flow of wondrous frequency, and what we extract from this and translate into physical reality is but one channel from many extracted out ofrepparttar 151018 superhologram ofrepparttar 151019 universe.

Like a hologram, The Leadership Talk is a totality --repparttar 151020 totality of right leadership interactions. And like a holographic totality, each part of a Leadership Talk isrepparttar 151021 whole. Whatever Leadership Talk process you choose, you'll find that it not only permeates all other processes ofrepparttar 151022 Talk, it permeates time and space.

(Byrepparttar 151023 way, I say "right interactions." Wrong leadership interactions are countless and have mainly to do with order-leadership. The right interactions are triggered byrepparttar 151024 Leadership Talk processes I've taught for 21 years. Those processes have one end in mind: helping leaders achieve not just average results but more results faster continually. Such "superresults" can only be achieved in penetrating human relationships.)

Ralph Waldo Emerson saw this permeation of space/time when he wrote, "There is one mind common to all individual men. Every man is an inlet torepparttar 151025 same and to all ofrepparttar 151026 same.... I believe in Eternity. I can find Greece, Asia, Italy, Spain andrepparttar 151027 Islands --repparttar 151028 genius and creative principle of each and of all eras in my own mind."

This idea is not arcane philosophy but most importantly, a practical leadership tool for achieving superresults.

Look at it this way: Leaders do nothing more important than get results. Yet working with thousands of leaders worldwide forrepparttar 151029 past 21 years, I've found that very few are gettingrepparttar 151030 results they are capable of.

These leaders look at superficial facets of results, such as information technology, productivity loops, quality programs, human resource activities, speed, productivity, operations efficiencies, sales closes, sales leads, sales to new customers, failure prevention, health and safety advancements, quality, training, quality control, logistics efficiencies, marketing targets, new revenue streams, sales erosion, price calibrations, cost reductions, demand flow activities and technologies, inventory turns, cycle time reductions, materials and parts management, etc. --repparttar 151031 stuff taught in business schools.

Sure, these facets are important, and they must be developed and put to use, but without taking into accountrepparttar 151032 human-interactions that animate each ofrepparttar 151033 facets,repparttar 151034 leaders stumble. And that's not taught in business schools.

All organizational challenges are ultimately challenges of human relationships. The Leadership Talk enables leaders to get those relationships right; and when they do, right results will follow. The proof may well be found inrepparttar 151035 holographic paradigm.

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