Listen My Children And You Will Hear.

Written by Ryan Kelly

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When Chief Justice Moore's opinion describesrepparttar lives of gay and lesbian people as "abhorrent," "immoral," "detestable," an "inherent evil," and "an intolerable evil." He condemns homosexuality as "so heinous that it defies one's ability to describe it." Relying on ancient sources of criminal law, rather than current knowledge about lesbian and gay parents and their children, he emphasizes that, in his mind, any person in a lesbian or gay relationship is unfit to have custody. That unyielding position is contrary torepparttar 125909 Canons of law and shows Chief Justice Moore's disregard forrepparttar 125910 requirements of his judicial office. Haverepparttar 125911 liberals demanded he step down?

We have reachedrepparttar 125912 precipuce inrepparttar 125913 matter ofrepparttar 125914 separation of church and state. The enemy is gearing up forrepparttar 125915 largest assault againstrepparttar 125916 rights of our countrymen. We must take action immediately. Only by buildingrepparttar 125917 political power of liberal Democrats will we be able to stoprepparttar 125918 conservatives from achieving their dangerous vision forrepparttar 125919 country andrepparttar 125920 world! We must also embolden liberal Democrats to fight againstrepparttar 125921 conservative tide in Washington, DC and state legislatures throughoutrepparttar 125922 country. Don't getrepparttar 125923 mistaken idea thatrepparttar 125924 opposition is decent, honest and conservative, that simply isn'trepparttar 125925 case. Like a faith in rationality, they move forward in blind pursuit of wealth and power.

Ryan Kelly is a writer, eBook publisher, and a liberal activist who is involved in using the Internet to bring about change in our society. After the re-election of George Bush, he established a grassroots alliance for liberals. The Equality Alliance Mission (T.E.A.M.) can be found at Internet URL

Follow The Leader

Written by The Indy Voice

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Look it doesnít matter what YOU thinkrepparttar reality ofrepparttar 125908 personal characteristic qualities of Bush are. The reality for 61,000,000 people is that they PERCEIVE it to be reality. The real story of this election, that has yet to be told, is that it was decided SOLELY based uponrepparttar 125909 perceived qualities of leadership. Plain and simply,repparttar 125910 majority judged Bush as being a more capable leader. That doesnít mean he is a capable leader, strong, decisive or moral. It just means that people perceive him that way.

Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Hussein, Qaddafi, Khan, Il, and Mao Zedong are all extremists that hadrepparttar 125911 backing ofrepparttar 125912 people. They were not moral people. They gained their power to rule fromrepparttar 125913 consent of those that they were ruling. Any of these people could have been stopped at any stage on their rise to power byrepparttar 125914 opposition ofrepparttar 125915 people. People followed them because they lead. You cannot run an opposition party and expect it to be successful by just opposing, line by line or issue for issue, whatrepparttar 125916 other partyís guy is pushing. You need to give people something to believe in. They donít have to agree with everything your saying and inrepparttar 125917 case of those above,repparttar 125918 message doesnít even have to be one of sanity, but people need to believe that you have some kind of grand vision or direction.

The Democratic Party lost not because it went too far left but because it failed to go far enough. There is no certainty inrepparttar 125919 middle. Leaders arenít borne of compromise. George W. Bush doesnít try to hiderepparttar 125920 fact that he is a conservative Republican. Kerry tried to run fromrepparttar 125921 label of ďliberalĒ. Bush wasnít elected because he has compromised or moved torepparttar 125922 middle. In fact people voted for him because he wouldnít compromise.

People that voted for Bush believed he has vision. 61,000,000 people didnít vote for John Kerry because they perceived, accurately or not, that he had no direction. It wasnít November 2nd when John Kerry lostrepparttar 125923 election. It was when Kerry allowed commercials to paint him as a flip-flopper thatrepparttar 125924 fight was lost. The made up lies ofrepparttar 125925 Swift Boat Veterans had nothing to do with it. A well-run campaign headed by a resolute leader would have looked at that incident as an opportunity to showrepparttar 125926 ferocity and strength of a decorated combat veteran. The Kerry campaign hoped it would just go away. Leaders stand up for what they believe in, for what is right, and they are willing to indefinitely fight for what moves them. This is how you get people to walk along side you. Kerry didnít embodyrepparttar 125927 characteristics of a leader andrepparttar 125928 only reason why he came as close as he did torepparttar 125929 Presidency was because he was opposingrepparttar 125930 worst President inrepparttar 125931 history ofrepparttar 125932 United States. But then again, thatís just my perception.

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