Listen - The Crack Of The Bat

Written by Aron Wallad

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As I continued to watch my daughter, Manteee, and this other girl hit better and better I could not help but feel an enormous amount pleasure. They were transforming in front of me. Whatever those coaches told them and whatever those two girls absorbed from their coaches was generating solid hit after solid hit.

I could not believe how happy I was for my daughter andrepparttar girl I did not know. There is something wonderful about learning and that willingness to be taught. Even though I only watched them I felt as if I was part of what was evolving in front of me.

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The Making of a Billiards Champion (Series II of V)

Written by Jackie "The Angel" Broadhurst

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Stance The objective of your stance is to be stable and solid, while executing your shot. Many times, when nervous about a shot or result, players tend to jump up duringrepparttar critical point of contact. And as a result,repparttar 138685 stick moves unintentionally, andrepparttar 138686 shot is missed. One of my instructors, Robert McCullough Colliding SpheresTM, says, “you can either treatrepparttar 138687 symptom or treatrepparttar 138688 source.” For quick results, for someone that just plays occasionally for fun, practice staying still until allrepparttar 138689 balls stop rolling onrepparttar 138690 table. Forrepparttar 138691 more serious player, treatrepparttar 138692 problem atrepparttar 138693 source for lasting results. McCullough, in agreement with Allison Fisher, teach that your stance should be forward weighted to help prevent your head from popping up.

Inrepparttar 138694 next article I will talk about a stun shot. This isrepparttar 138695 most basic of shots and should be mastered before learning other shots.

(Jackie “The Angel” Broadhurst, 2003 BCA 8-Ball and Trick Shot Champion, is currently training to winrepparttar 138696 US Open Championship. This would be a historic event since a woman has never won this title. She invites everyone, no matter what gender, ethnicity, age or background you are, to play and learn together about this great game. Visit her website at

2003 National 8-Ball and Trick Shot Champion

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