List Host Nightmares!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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I think I wanna die now. Full scale depression sets in and I dredge uprepparttar energy to send a note to both ListBot Gold and to ListBuilder support teams that I've got a real problem withrepparttar 124394 way this whole thing went, begging for some sort of solution from them and got two canned responses saying,

"subject:RE: CST34553119ID

We appreciate any ideas you may have concerning a resolution to this problem. I will be glad to forward them torepparttar 124395 Product team. Rest assured that we are continually seeking ways to bring yourepparttar 124396 best email list service there is."

I'm literally screaming, "Help! I've been seriously injured and need medical attention to saverepparttar 124397 life of my list before it bleeds to death!" They're standing beside me scratching their skulls saying, "Gee, got any ideas on what we could do to help? I wanna be a doctor some day." I want these guys to berepparttar 124398 first onrepparttar 124399 scene of any accident I'm involved in!

I went back to my ListBot Gold account and hit that link that said "Restore a deleted list" and found to my relief that it worked and I now had an active list in both places. I'll just have to importrepparttar 124400 new subscribers manually each week torepparttar 124401 ListBuilder account for everyone that sees my articles and usesrepparttar 124402 subscribe link available from my resource box of articles published inrepparttar 124403 archives of dozens of large lists where my articles had been featured overrepparttar 124404 last two years or so.

I'll definitely look closely at any such new changes to be certain they don't affect my business on that scale inrepparttar 124405 future. This has nothing to do withrepparttar 124406 value or utility ofrepparttar 124407 service. I'm just outraged that I wasn't warned ofrepparttar 124408 problems that occurred here. MSN bCentral didn't warn me that all my subscribe links would be broken, they didn't say I'd need to change all my subscription boxes sitewide, they didn't sayrepparttar 124409 change would take my previously public archive private and they didn't warn of any potential problemsrepparttar 124410 change might pose. They were incredibly short- sighted in promotingrepparttar 124411 "upgrade" to existing paying clients without posing any potential "issues" related torepparttar 124412 change.

I'd recommend that each of those items be clearly stated along withrepparttar 124413 current warning that "Migration may cause a delay in delivery", which caused me to delay signing up until it wouldn't create that problem. If I'd foreseenrepparttar 124414 other issues myself, I'd still have maderepparttar 124415 move, but only after reconcilingrepparttar 124416 problems. The warnings should have been posted and if they don't do it now, I'd be surprised if others didn't consider taking legal action.

Friday June 22, ListBot Gold customers were notified thatrepparttar 124417 service was to be "Shut Down" by August 20 and those who fail to migrate torepparttar 124418 ListBuilder service will lose their data. Essentially saying to subscribers ofrepparttar 124419 service that they could care less how it affects them and byrepparttar 124420 way, hurry up and get your stuff outta here. Almost like a bitter spouse booting her cheating hubby rather than a paid service that should respect those long-time customers andrepparttar 124421 income they bring.

Current ListBot Customers who would like to move their list to a decent host, we've arranged a special deal for you. Visit: for one month free hosting of your own newsletter, ezine or discussion list.

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Written by Marie Williams

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The easiest thing to do is to place all your ads on one autoresponder and rotate them once a month (or on a regular basis) so that everyone's ad gets maximum exposure - it's only fair. This autoresponder is your full list.

BOXING CLEVER! The next step is to construct text boxes for allrepparttar members of your ring. These boxes all need to contain unique "previous" and "next" links:

* Using index cards or separate sheets of paper, list all your members (including yourself) in alphabetical order and number from 1 to whatever.

* Write down each member's sample ezine link underneath their name. This was requested in your invitation.

* On each sheet, writerepparttar 124393 words "previous" and "next" on separate lines. These relate to previous and next ezine samples.

* Number 1 in your ring will needrepparttar 124394 sample ezine link fromrepparttar 124395 final member of your ring. Write this link next to "previous." Then writerepparttar 124396 sample ezine link from number 2 in your ring beside "next" for number 1.

* This sounds a little tricky, but it's not. Simply work your way through your sheets of paper remembering that "previous" requiresrepparttar 124397 sample ezine link fromrepparttar 124398 previous member numbered inrepparttar 124399 ring, and "next" requiresrepparttar 124400 sample ezine link from repparttar 124401 next member numbered inrepparttar 124402 ring.

* Each sheet should now containrepparttar 124403 unique links needed for all your members.

* Construct a text box for your ring. Example:

======================================================= YOUR EZINE-RING NAME GOES HERE Samplerepparttar 124404 Best [your field] Ezines - FREE!



Full List: =======================================================

FINAL COUNTDOWN. The last step is to sendrepparttar 124405 text box to all your members. "Full list" requiresrepparttar 124406 autoresponder link that you set up earlier. The only parts that change for each member arerepparttar 124407 "previous" and "next" links that are now conveniently written underneath each member's name.

ADDED VALUE. By setting up an EzineRing, instead of simply participating in one, you've got a lot to gain. Sure, you'll have to organize and monitorrepparttar 124408 whole thing, but you can also identify yourself asrepparttar 124409 ring owner in bothrepparttar 124410 text box and full list - these can be used to direct traffic back to your website. You can also, for example, reserverepparttar 124411 odd ad space in your full list, to promote some of your affiliate links. You are limited only byrepparttar 124412 depths of your imagination ....

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