List Building vs. Search Engine Optimization: Which One Really Works Better?

Written by Robert Gwuzd

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If you changerepparttar design or copy on your site, it won’t matter one bit torepparttar 117015 members of your list. They’ll still be there for you. Ifrepparttar 117016 search engines decide they’re only going to list sites that userepparttar 117017 colors blue, green, and purple… it won’t affect you at all.

Sales vs. Leads

Truth be known, SEO only drives “leads” to your site… not sales. Onrepparttar 117018 other hand, list building puts your offer in front of those who have already checked you out, decided they liked what you had to say, and chose to stick with you. These are loyal, pre-qualified individuals who are waiting to receive your next mailing and purchase your next product.

Free, Automatic, and Viral

Lastly, list building can be done at no cost. List building can happen automatically and can (and should) be a viral process.

If you produce a quality list that offers something of value, others will want to tell their friends about you. This process of automatic, viral marketing costs you nothing whatsoever and works like a dream because your subscribers are making unsolicited recommendations to those who trust them.

This process not only drives new subscribers to your list, but also ultimately makes new sales for you.

Search engines, onrepparttar 117019 other hand, do not operate virally. While some are free, many charge forrepparttar 117020 “opportunity” to be reviewed for inclusion. Still others charge on a pay-per-click basis, which can get very costly without ever bringing in one sale.

When all is said and done, which one is better? Lists or search engines? While both can have an important role in your marketing plan, if what you’re looking for isrepparttar 117021 generation of more sales… building a responsive list simply can’t be beat.

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A Unique Way To Generate Consistent, Guaranteed Profits

Written by Daniel Tong

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The profit margin on arbitrage transactions is typically inrepparttar 1% - 5% range, although larger profits are not uncommon. 3% net profit a transaction lasting 2 or 3 days may not seem like much but because it is risk free, it quickly adds up. Remember, there are no losses to set you back. Consider this : 1% profit for each day money is invested is equivalent to 365% return on an annual basis - an excellent return by any measure.

With arbitrage, you letrepparttar 117014 Law of Compounding work its magic.

Of course, no one can predictrepparttar 117015 number of arbitrage opportunities which will occur. Suffice to say that with thousands of sporting events occurring all year round, there is an abundance of arbitrage opportunities. Is there a possibility, however slim, of default by a sportsbook? Yes, and you should be prudent inrepparttar 117016 selection ofrepparttar 117017 sportsbooks that you will deal with. Bettors are spoilt for choice as there are many well established and reputable sportsbooks (particularly UK and Australian) to choose from. Of course, you may not always getrepparttar 117018 best odds when using these established 'names' but this is a small price for safety and reliability.

The arbitrage strategies are completely legal and in many jurisdictions whererepparttar 117019 sportsbooks are located,repparttar 117020 winnings are tax free. As sportsbetting takes place globally, you are responsible for tax liabilities (if any) on winnings remitted.

There is 'no slippage' or other hidden costs. Other thanrepparttar 117021 occasional cost of transferring funds to and from your accounts, there are very few costs associated with arbitrage transactions. You will need to pay for your internet connection ( which most people have any way for email , web surfing, VOIP) and an 'arbs alert' service if you decide to use one. There are no brokerage fees, stamp duties or expensive data feeds. Real time data on prices is available onrepparttar 117022 web sites ofrepparttar 117023 sportsbooks. There is also no need to be glued torepparttar 117024 computer screen all day! It only takes a few minutes to check and put on an arbitrage transaction.

Inrepparttar 117025 span of only a few years, online sports betting is about to become a billion dollar industry. Where there are markets, there will always be arbitrage opportunities. Have no fear that your knowledge of arbitrage techniques will ever become obsolete.

Daniel Tong

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Risk Free Profits With Sports Arbitrage

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