Linking Your Site: An Increasing Priority

Written by John Seed

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Have you surfedrepparttar web and located sites that you would like to provide a link to you? Spend some time contacting them:repparttar 125213 worst they can do is say "No" to your request.

As more sites give you links you will find that more visitors get to you this way, especially if what your site deals with is specialized . Creating links is a way of finding your "target" audience. And of course, Google will rank you higher, and hopefully not as a demon.

At artsiteguide, which is off to a good start without Yahoo!, a single free link from a major art site sends me one-third of my traffic. How do I track this? I would recommend that you get Stattrack ( This device will tell you which of your links is bringing inrepparttar 125214 traffic. You will be suprised as you build up links to find that they may out-dorepparttar 125215 search engines by quite a margin.

Finally, one more idea. Create an award that you can give to one or more ofrepparttar 125216 websites that you would like to link to your page. I have an award called "editor's choice" with a small but handsome banner. When I have given this to other sites (with real selectivity) they will often flyrepparttar 125217 banner with a link back to artsiteguide. That amounts to a free banner ad, possibly from a site that may not have linked to you before.

Inrepparttar 125218 future ofrepparttar 125219 crowded internet, link relationships are of increasing importance andrepparttar 125220 apearance of search engines like Google and Clever may underscore this development.

John Seed, Editor

10 Ways To Gain Your Prospects Attention Using Your Picture Alone!

Written by Larry Dotson

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7. Wear an unrelated hat. You could wear a cowboy hat, a bowl on your head, straw hat, a sports helmet, a rain hat, etc.

8. Paint your face. You could paint your own ideal character or paint a typical character like a clown, animal, plant, etc.

9. Wear a mask. You could buy one or make one out of a paper bag. Just cutrepparttar nose, mouth and eyes out. You could also add other facial features.

10. Use an uncommon background. You could use an outside background, a funny wallpaper, a prop to look like you have a cartoon body, etc.

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