Linking Psychosis is Treatable

Written by Mike B

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Another phenomenon created by linking insanity isrepparttar self- referential linking scheme, where webmasters link ALL their sites fromrepparttar 128281 footer of EVERY page on EVERY site to gain link popularity increases. If they've also created mini-webs of repetitive content strewn across hundreds of domains, they will inevitably link every domain to every other domain they own, sometimes fromrepparttar 128282 bottom of every page on every single mini-web site - even their main domains!


Oftenrepparttar 128283 owners of these linking fiefdoms will refrain from using every page of their site to link out to their many tiny domains, but will create "index" or "sitemap" or "search" or "resources" pages that essentially dorepparttar 128284 same linking, but with keyword focused anchor text encompassing every possible search phrase that might be used to find their business site.

Those afflicted with linking psychosis have entirely lost contact with reality in favor ofrepparttar 128285 fantasy of PageRankLand. The missing ingredient for these lost souls isrepparttar 128286 "Authority" site concept. They link from every page or domain TO every page or domain randomly and this confers no prominence of "Authority" to any one domain. They might actually succeed in their attempt to rank well if they weren't so unclear on this single concept.


A single link from each domain - from ONE page - back torepparttar 128287 "Authority" site will increase link popularity ofrepparttar 128288 main site. Those mini-web sites SHOULD link to each other, but only once and only in one direction, in a daisy chain fashion to confer authority torepparttar 128289 main site and leadrepparttar 128290 search engines torepparttar 128291 next domain that doesrepparttar 128292 same thing - it in turn confers authority torepparttar 128293 main site and leadsrepparttar 128294 spiders torepparttar 128295 next mini-site, etc.

The mini-web site psychosis isn't cured with this treatment. They STILL offer no substantial, original, useful content andrepparttar 128296 visitor gains nothing except being lead torepparttar 128297 main site where they might findrepparttar 128298 product or service they set out to find inrepparttar 128299 beginning. A total cure comes only when real content of unique value is added to those individual mini-sites. Then they become self-actualized and they matter.

I've rescued many client mini-webs from linking psychosis by filling mini domains with useful, relevant and interestingly unique content. Those sites become destinations themselves, gain rank and status of their own and then link torepparttar 128300 main business site, conferring even more relevance uponrepparttar 128301 single authority site they link to.

A treatment is available,repparttar 128302 cure is substantial, relevant, unique text content. There is hope for linking psychosis.

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Froogle – What is it good for?

Written by Ed Kohler

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What does it cost?

Nothing. Submitting to Froogle is free, and you can do it as often as once a day (but at least once a month). Google has also stated that they plan to keep Froogle free by serving Google Adwords ads alongsiderepparttar Froogle search results.

How do I build a Froogle Feed?

After signing up with Froogle, they will send you an extensive set of instructions on how to create a Froogle feed. If you have a small set of products, you could easily whip up a Froogle feed in a spreadsheet like Excel, then save it as a text file for upload to Froogle. However, if you have a large inventory with volatile pricing, you’ll probably want to look into exporting a Froogle feed from your database. One way to do this is to have your webmaster script a tab delimited file on your in-stock inventory so you can easily save it off and load it whenever you make changes. If you want to turn that up another notch, have your webmaster script your Froogle feed to automatically FTP itself on a regular schedule.

Get Froogling

If you have an online catalog and aren’t Froogling you’re passing up additional sales. Sign up with Froogle today and get your Froogle on.

Ed Kohler is president of Haystack In A Needle and creates Froogle Feeds for his clients. Contact Ed ( today to get Froogling.

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