Link Popularity for a Successful Website: How (Not) to Go About Getting It

Written by Kai Virihaur

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ARELIS I have tested this tool, and it seems very promising. It goes out and searches for link exchange partners according to different search methods which you specify. For me, looking for incoming links at sites similar to my own gaverepparttar best results. The program then quickly returned many relevant sites. Next, it helps you contact webmasters and keepsrepparttar 128259 link collection neatly organized. It also createsrepparttar 128260 link pages.

Zeus A bit similar to ARELIS, but I find it much clumsier. The only way it can search for link candidate sites is thru a list of 100+ search phrases. In my hands, this method produced very low-quality results. Atrepparttar 128261 time of writing, I am trying to get a refund fromrepparttar 128262 company that sells Zeus. They seem very reluctant to honour their money-back guarantee. Buyer beware!

Links Manager This program does not go out and search for link partner sites; it only handles swap requests and organizesrepparttar 128263 link collection. I have not tested it myself.

When building a link swap strategy, note thatrepparttar 128264 search engines are getting increasingly sophisticated in judgingrepparttar 128265 quality of your links. Some things to remember:

- Outbound links ONLY to quality sites with content relevant to your site; never "link farm" type sites

- Make surerepparttar 128266 sites that you link to have not been penalized. This would affect you also!

- Incoming links that are placed onrepparttar 128267 same page as 100:s of other links won't help you; their value gets "diluted"

- The anchor text inrepparttar 128268 incoming links is very important. It should contain relevant keywords; but all links should not have identical text - this looks artificial inrepparttar 128269 virtual eyes ofrepparttar 128270 search bots

If you follow these guidelines, I believe link swap can still be an important strategy for building a successful web presence.

Conclusion: Link popularity improvement, if you do itrepparttar 128271 proper way, is still of enormous importance for a successful website. But if donerepparttar 128272 wrong way, it may backfire. If you want to tryrepparttar 128273 classic link swap method, I recommend using ARELIS ( ) to make it less tedious.

Kai Virihaur is a researcher, web developer, and artist. He runs The Hosting Finder ( ), a web hosting directory featuring articles and RSS feeds on web development, website promotion, and online marketing.

Getting a head start with RSS

Written by mark white

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The first one deals withrepparttar basics and dealing with rss and is completely, just sign up forrepparttar 128258 course here

The second one deals with using rss feeds to get listed quickly and is here.

With so much competition we all need a head start and we need to take advantage of any information as soon as it comes out in order to maximise our site potential.

Mark White has worked in I.T. forrepparttar 128259 last 15 years and currently runs 3 websites.

Mark White has worked in I.T. for the last 15 years and currently runs 3 websites.

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