Link Popularity - Your Key to a Page #1 Listing

Written by Michael Southon

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Another problem with this method is *link relevancy*. Ifrepparttar sites linking to you have content that is not related to your content,repparttar 119386 search engines will not give much weight to those links.

==> Reciprocal Links with Individual Webmasters

This will definitely increase your link popularity, especially if you seek out link partners whose websites sharerepparttar 119387 same theme as yours.

But this approach is time consuming - first you have to surf around looking for potential link partners, then you have to email them, then you have to confirm that they added your link and so on.

==> Writing Articles

This isrepparttar 119388 technique I use for increasing link popularity and it works very well.

Write short articles of 300 - 800 words and then submit them torepparttar 119389 article announcement lists andrepparttar 119390 online article banks.

There are thousands of webmasters out there who need free content for their websites and you'll soon find your articles appearing on dozens, even hundreds, of different websites.

Atrepparttar 119391 bottom of your article is your Resource Box containing a link to your website. It might look something like this:

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- John Doe isrepparttar 119392 webmaster of where he offers cutting-edge tips on all aspects of web marketing. To find more advice, tools and resources to help you succeed in online business, visit: --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Most webmasters will makerepparttar 119393 URL in your Resource Box an active link. If they don't, you should insist on it because it's part ofrepparttar 119394 deal - they get free content for their website and you get a free link.

This technique has two important advantages over other methods of raising link popularity:

(1) You don't have to clutter up your website with reciprocal links

(2) You don't have to invest huge amounts of time searching for link partners and then emailing them to request a link. If they like your article, they just add it to their website.

Happy writing!

(c) 2002 by Michael Southon

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Building Link Popularity

Written by Scott Buresh

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Makingrepparttar contact Once you have added a link to each ofrepparttar 119385 sites you have identified, it is time to contactrepparttar 119386 site owners. Usually this is done by email. Due torepparttar 119387 volume of spam most webmasters receive, it is very important to let them know that you have actually visited their site inrepparttar 119388 first few sentences. Compliment them onrepparttar 119389 site and specifically mentionrepparttar 119390 attribute you particularly enjoyed (as previously noted). You should then let them know that you have already provided a link to them, and give themrepparttar 119391 URL of your links page so they can see this link for themselves. Only then do you mention that you would appreciate it if they would reciprocate.

Monitoring Once all of your initial emails have gone out, check back torepparttar 119392 sites you have targeted periodically to see if they have added your link. If they haven't added it within a month, one follow-up email is normally acceptable. If you don't hear back from them for a month after that, it may be time to remove their link from your links page, unless you feel thatrepparttar 119393 resource they provide is of critical value to your visitors. Check your rankings every month or so to see how they improve, and, if necessary, startrepparttar 119394 process again.

The List Of Don'ts Don't exchange links with sites that you would not want your visitors to see. This type of link can make your site look indiscriminate while defeatingrepparttar 119395 entire purpose of link popularity. Also, do not ever exchange links with sites that contain nothing but a huge collection of links (AKA "link farms"). Search engines have been known to aggressively penalize sites that are associated with such sites. In addition, do not harass people who do not answer your emails. Remember that you are contacting someone, out ofrepparttar 119396 blue, who probably has too much to do already. If they haven't responded within a month of your second email, don't expect a link. Finally, do not expect overnight results. Link building takes a great deal of time and labor, and there is no real shortcut- a primary reason why search engines place importance on it. If your site is terrible, you aren't going to convince many others to link to you, no matter how sweetly you ask.

Conclusion A properly executed link building campaign will help boost your ranking with many search engines, but this is only part ofrepparttar 119397 benefit. The quality sites that have agreed to link to you will also send you highly relevant traffic. Also, your brand and name will become better known within your industry as a result ofrepparttar 119398 link requests that you make. Finally, your additions to Yahoo andrepparttar 119399 Open Directory will send you a great deal of additional quality traffic. Link building is a laborious process, but if done properly it is most definitely worthrepparttar 119400 effort.

Scott Buresh is Co-founder and Principal of Medium Blue Internet Marketing . For monthly tips on how to get the most out of your internet presence, sign up for our Internet Marketing Newsletter .

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