Link Popularity --- Its Role and importance in getting top search engine rankings

Written by Vudatala Meena

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Step 5 –

Preparerepparttar link code for your website that you would send or submit through a form torepparttar 119374 prospective link partners. A sample link code is given below:

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Always try to include potential keywords for your website inrepparttar 119375 link text that isrepparttar 119376 text betweenrepparttar 119377 anchor tag () as well as inrepparttar 119378 description provided againstrepparttar 119379 link text. Always go for text links instead of banner ads because Google gives a lot of importance torepparttar 119380 anchor text ofrepparttar 119381 incoming links.

Step 6 –

Target to get maximum ofrepparttar 119382 incoming links towardsrepparttar 119383 home page of your website as it isrepparttar 119384 most significant page of your website that leads torepparttar 119385 other pages of your website. This means you have to requestrepparttar 119386 link partners to link to your index page. Ensure that a good navigation exists within your website so that allrepparttar 119387 pages are accessible from one particular page of your website. And that allrepparttar 119388 link texts/anchor texts in your website containrepparttar 119389 most important keywords related to your business. This helps in improvingrepparttar 119390 link popularity of your website.

Step 7 –

After preparingrepparttar 119391 link code for your website, you have to approachrepparttar 119392 prospective link partners through email requesting them to accept your link exchange offer and place a link to your website in their links page.

Step 8 -

Lastly you have to submit these links pages torepparttar 119393 search engines especially Google where your link has been placed by your link partners. (

2. Message Board Link Popularity Program –

Link popularity can also be pursued by posting your website link message torepparttar 119394 message boards and guest books. In this method you have pay more attention towardsrepparttar 119395 selection of message boards and guest books. Always select message boards and guest books that have a PageRank of 4 or more and have already been indexed by Google. It is also necessary to submitrepparttar 119396 URLS generated after posting messages torepparttar 119397 search engines. For example, say is one ofrepparttar 119398 popular message boards where you want to post your website link. After posting your website link at,repparttar 119399 message board will generate a particular URL say which containsrepparttar 119400 particular information about your site. Submit this URL in various search engines so as to boostrepparttar 119401 link popularity of your site.

3. Other Methods of Increasing Link Popularity -

You can also improverepparttar 119402 link popularity of your site by publishing articles or write-ups regarding your company or website in other websites. And make sure you do not forget to include a link to your website in these articles or write-ups. In this way your link becomes visible torepparttar 119403 search engine robots. Paid ads also help in your link popularity plan.


In this paper, we have tried to explainrepparttar 119404 link popularity basics along with various methods for pursuingrepparttar 119405 link popularity campaigns for your website. Being a vital parameter of your search engine optimization plan, you need to make a link popularity plan and follow it strictly so that your website finds place withinrepparttar 119406 top 10 results of allrepparttar 119407 important search engines, especially Google.

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Adding the Right Keywords to Your Website Content

Written by Megan Corwin

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For example, this business could post an article on their site and include links to their products. The content ofrepparttar article could describe how candles are effective in *making*repparttar 119373 *Christmas* season bright. Then launch into a *supply* list for items they will need for using candles to decoraterepparttar 119374 home forrepparttar 119375 holidays, and they type of *holder* to use for each candle.

See how easy that was to work these words intorepparttar 119376 website? This internet marketing solution is effective and simple. Try to make it a fun game to see how many words you can work into your text.

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