Link Exchanges - What They Can Do For Your Business (Part 2)

Written by Martin Lemieux

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====================================> That's all you really need!!!

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Another little "Timbit",

Give visitors your link information!

Please add your "Link Information" that you would want visitors to add on their site! I've gone to too many sites were I had to spend over 5 minutes trying to find their "Link Exchange" information!

Now i'm not talking about a link on your site to your link program, i'm talking aboutrepparttar 128131 information you would give to other sites in order to exchange links!

Denying link exchanges!

Get ready, it happens to all of us! Don't get upset when a company you just linked to has just denied your link exchange! Many companies out there has STRICT guidelines they are looking for. You may have not read their specific rules they have! Don't worry about it, take a note and move on.

There's another 1,000 000 that will link to you so don't go have a drink from one denial! I know we all hate them but just remember, we've all got them!

Inrepparttar 128132 future, when you're put in a situation were you will berepparttar 128133 one denying another site for a link exchange, just remember how you felt atrepparttar 128134 time and be considerate torepparttar 128135 other by telling them WHY they were denied. I often replied torepparttar 128136 site that denied my site to ask why my site wasn't accepted and often I am surprised to hearrepparttar 128137 reason. what they had to say!

I hope this article has opened your mind about Link Exchanges! -----------------------------------------------------

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Revising Your Site - What Happened To My Search Engine Placement?

Written by Martin Lemieux

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Not 4 days later, not only were my pages back butrepparttar old rotten pages that weren't being used anymore got dumped andrepparttar 128130 many new pages got listed. All in all around 680 pages now. That was a jump of around 100 pages were added. Cause and effect.

Here's another example for you. Most of us know about link popularity within Google. You've put all your effort into promoting your main page. Within all ofrepparttar 128131 links that you've had placed on other sites, you gave your link title "Great Ranking Services". Once google saw your link, it started looking to see whether your information on your site is relevant to "Great Ranking Services" and awarded you appropriately.

Moving along a little, you've not only changed your site but you've also changed your link title to better fitrepparttar 128132 new content on your main page. The new link you now add on other sites reads something like this; "Boost Your Search Engine Rankings".

Before you changed your site, you got a GREAT rank for "Great Ranking Services" when people searched online.

Here'srepparttar 128133 catch. Now that your promoting a new site, a new page, new content within your page,repparttar 128134 old content relavance goes straight downrepparttar 128135 drain. Search engines have recognized that everything has changed and are not paying any attention to your old links anymore. Yes, they still help your link popularity, but they don't help your content relevance.

See, search engines are consistently trying to improve their content relevance. That's what people want. If they search "gidgets & widgets", they expect to getrepparttar 128136 best results for "gidgets & widgets".

In Conclusion:

If you plan on changing your site, be prepared to suffer for a small amount of time. Prepare yourself forrepparttar 128137 worst becauserepparttar 128138 best is yet to arise and prevail.

I understand that we all want better search engine rankings and just be ready to do what ever it takes, even if it means loosing your old se placements for some newer, fresher ones.

I hope you enjoyed my article, for more of my articles, simply followrepparttar 128139 link below!

Best of luck to you!

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