Lighting for Seniors

Written by Paul Forte

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Another point to consider is outdoor lighting for security. Be sure to provide plenty of light at all entrances and exits. These lights should also be on a timer or photocell so that they are on when needed. Someone may leave expecting to be home before dark and get delayed. In this case havingrepparttar lights come on automatically will allow them to enterrepparttar 140549 house safely. Motion detectors can also be used in places that we donít want to keeprepparttar 140550 lights on for extended periods. Areas like walkways alongrepparttar 140551 side of a house or a path whererepparttar 140552 garbage is taken out. Driveways are another good location for a motion detector light. In fixtures where changing a bulb is a little difficult, using a compact fluorescent is a good choice. With a compact fluorescent,repparttar 140553 bulb will last as long as 3 years and sometimes longer. A great place for one is in a shower light, just be sure to get a big enough bulb to lightrepparttar 140554 area adequately. Outside light fixtures are also a good choice unless you live in an area whererepparttar 140555 temperature gets below freezing a lot. Another place for fluorescent fixtures are closets, which can be extremely dark for an elderly person. The key points to remember are to make sure all areas are adequately illuminated and use fixtures that require a minimum of maintenance.

Paul forte has been in the lighting industry for over 25 years. For more info and tips on lighting and other electrical needs please visit Lighting Tips For help with Laying out recessed lighting

How to Brighten Your Decor with Hand Painted Ceramic Tile

Written by Dy Witt

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Framed paintings do not do well in steamy bathrooms or near greasy cookstoves, gathering dust and needing cleaning way too often. A tapestry or rug painted on tile will hang beautifully inlaid into any wall. Inrepparttar hall where people always bump paintings is a great idea. Stair risers that always get scuffed up can be painted in a myriad of design motifs, like southwestern, Mayan or Aztec, any colorful design, and fill a dull stairway with brilliant color.

Do you work too many hours to have pets? A brilliant parrot onrepparttar 140508 wall inrepparttar 140509 corner of your livingroom, gleaming feathers shining, will welcome you home, making no noise and quietly demanding no food or attention! No other art medium can imitaterepparttar 140510 iridescence and brilliance of bird feathers like ceramic glaze. A skilled hand-painter can imitate textures and colored objects from all aroundrepparttar 140511 world. Mayan stone carvings, Egyptian hieroglyphics, even cave art paintings all look so real in ceramic. Solid blocks of color in modern graphic shapes isrepparttar 140512 other end ofrepparttar 140513 design spectrum. Color makes a very powerful statement, as we all know.

Please do not feel compelled to use whatrepparttar 140514 remodelling stores offer,repparttar 140515 dull and unimaginative and very plain tiles they sell in volume. Email a hand-painter and she will help you come up withrepparttar 140516 only one inrepparttar 140517 world, a unique piece of fine art that is yours alone. Timeless and elegant decor is only a few weeks away.

Dy has 21 years experience with ceramic glaze handling, 15 in hand-painted ceramic tile. Her level of realistic detail work is unique in the industry, having learned about layering color with 25 years of animal portraits in colored pencil.

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