Lighting Without A Budget For The Indie Film Maker

Written by Fred Ost

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The only "structural" modification I had to make was to removerepparttar metal cage that coversrepparttar 149449 lamps themselves. Which was easily achieved by takingrepparttar 149450 two screws out ofrepparttar 149451 side ofrepparttar 149452 lamp and removingrepparttar 149453 glass pane that coversrepparttar 149454 bulb so I didn't break it. Then I took my handy Leatherman tool which should be on every set and just clippedrepparttar 149455 cage that coversrepparttar 149456 glass onrepparttar 149457 front ofrepparttar 149458 lamp.

Withrepparttar 149459 cage remove you've got a nice even flow of light coming fromrepparttar 149460 lamps. From this point you can mess around with milk crates or whatever you have handy to getrepparttar 149461 height to where you need it.

Then with that achieved you can start using your home made lighting accessories, likerepparttar 149462 big styrofoam square covered with gold foil which will be a topic for a future story when I'm done covering stuff with foil and shower curtains and I have more tips and tricks for sculpting light.

Fred Ost is a web designer, copy writer and aspiring indie movie maker. He is a founder and staff writer of the free independant artits community at

Is using Photoshop Cheating?

Written by Nick Stubbs

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What about when an interior photographer like myself moves items of furniture in a house, or adds a bowl of fruit to a room to enhancerepparttar image? What about when we add make up to a model before a shoot or re-arrange a wedding dress? None of these images tellrepparttar 149346 story of a scene as it was when we arrived at it. Allrepparttar 149347 alterations were made manually to makerepparttar 149348 image more pleasing.

So what isrepparttar 149349 difference between doing it beforerepparttar 149350 shoot atrepparttar 149351 scene, or afterrepparttar 149352 shoot in Photoshop? What isrepparttar 149353 difference between pulling an obtrusive branch out of your way for that perfect landscape or simply removing it later on your PC. Why do wedding photographers carry clothes pegs to pin backrepparttar 149354 dress for some formal shots? Is that cheating?

I am sure also, that when Turner or Constable made their beautiful paintings, that maybe another ship was added here, or an annoying, unwanted bush was removed there.

My whole point to this discussion is that each person who picks up and uses a camera, digital or film, has their own individual interpretation of what makes a good photograph, "Photoshopped" or not! Inrepparttar 149355 same regard, each individual viewer that sees these images, has their own interpretation of why they like or dislikerepparttar 149356 finished product.

For me, this is what makes photography so unique and exciting, especially in this new digital era. There are so many combinations, techniques and tools we have at our disposal, thatrepparttar 149357 bountiful supply of different and beautiful images is endless. If it weren't forrepparttar 149358 phrase "beauty is inrepparttar 149359 eye ofrepparttar 149360 beholder", and if we all saw things inrepparttar 149361 same way,repparttar 149362 world would be a very dull and boring place.

When it comes to photography, or any other art form come to that, do what makes you happy and proud of what you have achieved, however you got there!

Nick Stubbs

Nick Stubbs is a professional photographer with over 20 years experience. He has a site dedicated to helping beginners to digital photography at

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