Lighten Up At Work

Written by Virginia Reeves

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Have you ever wondered what those adjectives on job performance evaluations mean? What follows are some enlightening definitions.

Quick thinking: offers plausible excuses for mistakes Takes pride in his work: conceited Tactful in dealing with superiors: knows when to keep his mouth shut A keen analyst: thoroughly confused Meticulous in attention to detail: a nit picker Strong adherence to principles: stubborn Demonstrates qualities of leadership: has a loud voice Approaches difficult problems with logic: finds someone else to dorepparttar job


Keep personal anecdotes that are funny or embarrassing that happened to you and use them to illustrate a point. This makes you real and builds rapport. Make sure they are relevant to your message. Use humor to make or enhance a point.

Create a humor file of cartoons, quotes, photographs, postcards, jokes - anything you think is funny. Save them for meetings or presentations. You can even open uprepparttar 118293 file when you need to cheer up yourself!

Think ofrepparttar 118294 most bizarre or weird things that might happen if you followed a certain course. Some brainstorming sessions have reaped a real treat when they ended up coming up withrepparttar 118295 best solution when they were being "silly" because they stepped out of "reality" and let their creativity and imagination take over.

If you have a hard time being witty on your own - use a prop. Visual aids help people rememberrepparttar 118296 message andrepparttar 118297 speaker.

Humor can focusrepparttar 118298 group, remove tension fromrepparttar 118299 room and be very healing torepparttar 118300 soul. A whimsical anecdote can set up or amplify a subject matter. A good story is also an opportunity to build rapport and set up a "sameness" between you and your audience.

Steve Allen said "Nothing is funnier thanrepparttar 118301 everyday humor of reality". During a boring or frustrating meeting, while on hold onrepparttar 118302 phone, or while standing atrepparttar 118303 copy machine - think about situations that had you shaking your head in disbelief or amusement and let those memories bring a smile to your face.

If these ideas haven't provided you with some delightful diversions for your work space or work place, then I don't know what we can do but track you down and find your tickle spots! Bring some silly intorepparttar 118304 serious and see how much more quickly and easilyrepparttar 118305 day goes by. Rememberrepparttar 118306 old saying: All work and no play make Jack (or Jill or anybody else) a dull person. Let your outer and inner dimples show - it's healthy for your body, mind, and soul!

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Tickle Your Funny Bone

Written by Virginia Reeves

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Even Sigmund Freud,repparttar famous psychiatrist, was a proponent of humor. His basic concept was that joking relieves repressed impulses and anxieties, and that laughter converts unpleasant feelings to pleasant ones.

Gene Perret, who wrote extensively for Bob Hope, Phyllis Diller, Carol Burnett and many others, said "Humor is not a condiment; it a main course. It's not a trinket; it's a gem. It doesn't need justification; it's essential".

Have you ever heard of PHUFS. It's an acronym for five points outlined inrepparttar 118292 book, Laughter and Liberation, by Dr. Harvey Mindess. Here's a brief recap. * Playfulness allows you to be lessenrepparttar 118293 grip that having too much seriousness can have on you (such as narrowing your perspective). Instead know that it's okay to let go of your normal routines now and again to be whimsical and imaginative. * Humility is being humble in mind or spirit. However, recognize that there's no need to make things look or sound more difficult than they are - look forrepparttar 118294 crazy or absurd side to balance outrepparttar 118295 serious side.

* Unconventionality lets you be less ordinary and more original in thought and deed. You are willing to accept unexpected occurrences as a bonus for they can heighten your awareness level when you allow them to enter your base of experiences. * Flexibility reducesrepparttar 118296 stiffness or rigidity in thinking patterns which helps you adjust more easily to change. You want to askrepparttar 118297 questions of who, what, when, why, where, when, and how so that you don't fall intorepparttar 118298 trap of accepting and taking things for granted.. * Spontaneity supportsrepparttar 118299 idea of expressing your natural feelings and impulses without giving intorepparttar 118300 restraints you might otherwise pay heed to. A mind leap that brings about a connection between what is and what could be might even occur.

All in all, mirthfulness can have a very positive effect on your mind and body. It's difficult to remain angry, hurt, frustrated or depressed when exposed to something that tickles your funny bone. When you are having a good time you feel more hopeful, excited and vigorous. Your attitude affects your body and vice versa. Humor can help you attain a more positive balance psychologically and physiologically. Encourage laughter in your life and reaprepparttar 118301 benefits.

How healthy it is to setrepparttar 118302 child within us free to giggle, sing, or dance a silly jig. Let this article be a reminder of how important it is to break free of convention from time to time and let loose your normal grown-up restrictions about playfulness. Abandon your inhibitions for more than a moment or two. Revel in it. A healthy personality has a measure of unpredictability. Daily living ought to be spiced with playfulness as it makes everything you think and do a bit more delicious. Go ahead - smile right now (it does keep others guessing what you're thinking about!).

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