Lifetime Email Addresses part 2

Written by stephen Cope

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Choose second or third level domain name

Always when possible go for a second level domain name as it makes your address shorter and easier to use. Therefore, I would prefer to register rather than Inrepparttar example given is actually already registered and so I can't use it, but currently is available. What do I do? Well lets look at what my email addresses would look like in each case.

Email addresses

If I could registerrepparttar 109550 second level name of then I could assign my own email addresses to my family members as follows: If I registeredrepparttar 109551 third level name of then I could assign my own email addresses to may family members as follows: I thinkrepparttar 109552 above example makes it easy to see why isrepparttar 109553 best choice.

Which one?

In my case I don't like to userepparttar 109554 third level of and so I would look for an alternate second level variation of cope that was available like Scope,cope-uk, Tipton-Cope, Cope-kavas or Cope-family etc.

Part 3 will look at how to find a registrar and registering a domain name.

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The Cybermagic of Whitelists

Written by Niall Roche

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A real world example of a whitelist would be if two companies wanted to exchange email only with each other. These companies could implement a whitelist that containedrepparttar IP address for justrepparttar 109549 two email servers that want to send email to each other. That would mean that any email coming from an IP address not onrepparttar 109550 whitelist would be returned to sender. For companies they can ensure that employees are only dealing with work related email and not chatting with their friends.

The benefits of whitelists are many but proper management ofrepparttar 109551 whitelists is equally important. Misuse of whitelists will only lead to more headaches for everyone involved with missing email, irate customers and IT departments doing overtime just beingrepparttar 109552 tip ofrepparttar 109553 iceberg.

Niall Roche is the owner and content author of which reviews and tests spam filtering software for the business and end user.

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