Lifestyle Changes - Never too late.

Written by Jennifer Geisheker

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Exercise alone can not make someone healthy, proper nutrition is also vital. To meet allrepparttar daily nutritional requirements a healthy diet must consist of good quality, nutrient dense foods. Buy whole grain versions of breads, pastas, and rice. Keep frozen vegetables and fruits on hand as they are pre-cut and easy to use. Choose lean cuts of meat, eat raw nuts, and include fish often. Be sure to keep fat intake to around 30% of total calories. Fiber is also importantóa daily intake of around 30 grams is recommended. Donít forget your water, 8 cups per day isrepparttar 136901 recommended amount. This may all sound like a lot, but make changes slowly by incorporating only a couple of new things each week and youíll see how easy and delicious good nutrition can be.

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I'm on the Jesus Diet

Written by Alli Ross

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Foods that make you drowsy

Carbohydrates leave you feeling calm and relaxed. Ever noticed that right after lunch always seems to berepparttar perfect time for a nap. Do avoid this drowsiness effect, pack some protein into your diet, but remember, everything in moderation.

Foods that energize

Get plenty of iron. Many women lack energy because they lack iron in their diet. This can usually be fixed with an iron supplement.

Boost your metabolism by eating once every three to four hours. Have some fruit or carrot sticks handy when you're onrepparttar 136857 run. Our bodies increase their metabolism each time we eat. We can boost are metabolism with healthy snacks throughoutrepparttar 136858 day.

Go all natural. Eating only whole, natural foods helps to maximize energy levels. Try to limit processed foods as much as possible.

Exercise. This isrepparttar 136859 number one metabolism booster. If you can do a quick walk during your lunchtime, this is sure to keep you running on high forrepparttar 136860 afternoon.

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