Life as a fluent person after overcoming my stutter

Written by Stephen Hill

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We recently bought our first property in Birmingham, which saw me return to my native city from Brixham. There were many reasons forrepparttar move, one of which was to makerepparttar 145781 courses more centralised.

As a stutterer, I seemed to accept second best. I left school because ofrepparttar 145782 stutter, dated girls which to be truthful not only did I not feel attracted to but did not particularly find interesting. My stuttering mind convinced me that I could do no better. I was unhappy where I worked, but just accepted it; I did not feel able to put myself throughrepparttar 145783 interview process again.

I now only acceptrepparttar 145784 best and my life has improved tremendously.

In general, what fluency has given me is:

1.Confidence 2.Happiness 3.Contentment 4.Optimism 5.Success 6.Relaxation

Stephen Hill is somebody who has overcome a stammer/stutter and who now helps other people to achieve fluency. Stephen runs one to one speech courses held in Birmingham, England. For people who are unable to attend there is a seventy minute dvd available. His main website is at

Walk to beat breast cancer

Written by Anonymous

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cancer diagnosis may lower their risk of death from breast cancer and cancer recurrence." Even walking an hour a week lifted survival rates but exercising more than five hours a week did not confer any added survival benefit. The study noted discouraging estimates that women with breast cancer tend to decrease their levels of physical activity by two hours a week and those whoa re obese reduce activity even more.

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