Life Beyond the River: Guidance for our Times

Written by Rabbi Michael Ozair

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Aquarius onrepparttar other hand is symbolized byrepparttar 122225 individual who draws water fromrepparttar 122226 well. Water, in Kabbalah represents both Chesed (Loving Kindness) and Mayim Chayim, "living waters",repparttar 122227 Torah term for Spirituality.

Always remember, our attitude will facilitate or sabotage our best intentions. So we must not fall intorepparttar 122228 trap of blame, but rather focus our resources for taking responsibility for your own lives, and our most dominant vibration at any given moment. If we don't take responsibility for our own need to spiritually evolve, we are going to play out our unexamined fears and anger individually in dysfunctional relationships and traumatic life experiences. Collectively we will joinrepparttar 122229 others in expressing our unconsciousness darkness, contributing energetically torepparttar 122230 present day storms of social conflict, wars, abuse and exploitation.

Television networks learned long ago that you couldn't make money delivering good news. What sells is crisis. The worserepparttar 122231 supposed threat from terrorism, plane crashes, economic collapse and crime,repparttar 122232 more people will be glued to their sets. In reality, onlyrepparttar 122233 smallest percentage of people are going to suffer from terrorism, midair plane collisions, homicide or even highway fatalities. If you look at statistics, life is safer than ever. But you would never know this fromrepparttar 122234 evening news.

One ofrepparttar 122235 ways,repparttar 122236 old Piscean Energy is most successful these days in keepingrepparttar 122237 old order intact is by pumping us with false images which keep us onrepparttar 122238 run, make us hyper-vigilant to threat and distract us from our real opportunities. A new era of planetary tolerance and well-being would arise if we became as “consumed” by healing as we are to stress and fear based, politically motivated media bombardment.


There is No Avoiding “Creating”

Not doing anything is still doing something - its just that now our energy is being used to reinforce itself and continue in its old ways. Many create for themselves darkness, negativity, and even depression in not allowing themselves to grow. A sure sign that we are living this way is when we find ourselves stuck in “reactivity”. Reactive behavior is also a choice in “creating”. It is still fueling a certain outcome, thereby “creating”.

The question to ask ourselves is whether we feel it is of our highest benefit to create from a position of reactivity. Reactivity is a state we automatically go into when we are not doing our work, when we go back into our “default” state. When we lose focus ofrepparttar 122239 Sacred in our lives and no longer seerepparttar 122240 relevance in our current life predicament.

Our other choice is to periodically focus onrepparttar 122241 Divine in our lives, in life beyondrepparttar 122242 River. In doing this we will become inspired once again to participate in a Divine Plan and Purpose.

Learn to See Everyday Life Tensions as a Recycling Process

The Kabbalah teaches that we grow by “recycling”, by taking in lower forms of energy and converting it into a higher forms….

The same way a tree, bush or any blade of grass onrepparttar 122243 earth takes in a poison such as carbon dioxide and converts it into oxygen, we too are expected to take in life’s “poisons” and recycle to a higher, more refined outcome as a result.

In life, newly harvested truths often grow out of a garden of emotional lows. The important to remember here is that when we are down, there is only one direction to move, and that is back up!

Lurianic Kabbalah seesrepparttar 122244 “getting back up” process as crucial torepparttar 122245 evolution ofrepparttar 122246 human soul. It understandsrepparttar 122247 very energy involved inrepparttar 122248 grappling with everyday tension asrepparttar 122249 drive behindrepparttar 122250 liberation of Divine Sparks, which are shards of light trapped within material existence. The only way to elevate Creation itself is by moving intorepparttar 122251 darkness to liberate it. This is often why very spiritually evolved people arerepparttar 122252 ones challenged byrepparttar 122253 biggest difficulties. It is NOT that they are being punished, but rather chosen.

Celebrate Evenrepparttar 122254 Smallest Victory

It is understood that as a result ofrepparttar 122255 Veil/River that separates us from Divine Reality, we have no way of knowing how much our smallest victories could be affecting its spiritual counterpart inrepparttar 122256 Higher Realms. We have no idea of what shifts we are creating in our overall soul evolution, when taking responsibility for our energy even inrepparttar 122257 “smallest” everyday tasks and challenges.

Patience is More than a Virtue, it is a Necessity

Remember, sometimes reality has to catch up to your intentions. Whether we like it or not, we live in a time-bound existence. Relax, and don't throw away anything that you tried, where it didn't seem to coordinate as you felt it should inrepparttar 122258 time you thought that it should. Being patient is all part of a new consciousness for many of us. Much of wisdom comes in intuitively knowingrepparttar 122259 “what” as well asrepparttar 122260 “when”.

Final Thought from Albert Einstein

"A human being is part of a whole, called by usrepparttar 122261 "Universe," a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated fromrepparttar 122262 rest--a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures andrepparttar 122263 whole of nature in its beauty."

In Spiritual Fellowship,

Reb Michael Ezra Ozair

Rabbi Michael Ozair is a spiritual Life Coach, teacher, counselor and consultant. He can be reached at or by visiting his site at

Native American Spirituality

Written by John Cali

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The intent and essential nature of most forms of human spiritual practices are good. And if more humans were more practiced in simply allowing their brothers and sisters to follow their own paths, then none ofrepparttar religious turmoil that pervades your human society could exist. Everyone would be following whatever path he or she felt was right. And not caring what paths others were following.

But you do care what paths others follow, even though it’s none of your business. And that is exactly what’s given rise to allrepparttar 122224 senseless dogma, laws, shoulds and should-nots humans often impose on one another.

We are not saying Native American spirituality is superior to any other form of spirituality. We are saying if you all get back to your spiritual roots, you would find only minor, meaningless differences among your many spiritual paths. And you would not feelrepparttar 122225 need to impose your own beliefs and values on another individual or another people.

Spirituality, as we see it, is simply an awareness you are all more thanrepparttar 122226 humans you know yourselves as. Andrepparttar 122227 awareness all of creation, whether you consider it animate or inanimate, is more thanrepparttar 122228 simply physical. All beings, all that is, are infused withrepparttar 122229 spiritual essence ofrepparttar 122230 divine.

Many Native Americans practiced this pure form of spirituality inrepparttar 122231 past, and some still do. Many non-Native Americans practiced it inrepparttar 122232 past, and many still do. It’s obvious, however, many people, Native American or not, have strayed from their spiritual roots.

You can get back to your spiritual roots by simply acknowledging all that exists is divine. When you get back to your roots, you will--in John’s words--have respect for your Mother Earth, respect for animals, respect for one another, respect forrepparttar 122233 sovereignty of each individual.

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Since 1992, John Cali has been communicating with a spirit called Joseph. In one of his many physical lifetimes, this spirit was incarnated as the legendary Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe in what is now Oregon.

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