Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Higher Taxes

Written by J.J. Jackson

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Now, because of these five renegadesrepparttar state can come in, look at your land and your nice $200,000 home which is well kept and paid for and say to you “Sorry, but Developer XYZ has promised us that if we give him your land he can build $1,000,000 worth of real estate so we are taking your land.”

These judges have opened themselves and their fellow travelers up for all Americans to plainly see. They are for nothing exceptrepparttar 145371 awesome power of government controlled by themselves. The Constitution be damned inrepparttar 145372 minds of these self important judges that have declared themselves gods overrepparttar 145373 American citizenry. And it is liberals that run around claiming that it is conservatives that want to take awayrepparttar 145374 rights of Americans? Sorry, but that dog won’t hunt any more!

The Coming Fight:

I do not say lightly that we are officially a hair’s breath away from a revolution because of this decision. I do not say lightly that I believe that this ruling may well indeed result in bloodshed. The most liberal, progressive judges onrepparttar 145375 court have drawn us to this point.

The 5th Amendment is dead and it died on a beautiful summer’s day in 2005. And it died with little fanfare and without much of a struggle from Americans. And it died without much of a whimper from those we have elected to represent us. What I am saying may be too much for most Americans to handle. As a society we have become soft and complacent and we have lost our vigilance -- we have sadly lost sight of what it means to be an American. We have allowed far too many small infringements upon our liberties overrepparttar 145376 years which isrepparttar 145377 exact reason these greater usurpations are now occurring. We have emboldened those that want to remakerepparttar 145378 nation in a new form completely alien to what our founders gave us.

Our society, I doubt, is ready to deal withrepparttar 145379 tragedy that has happened here. We have, for years allowedrepparttar 145380 federal government, for example, to act beyond it’s calling in Article I, Section 8 ofrepparttar 145381 Constitution and mandate that you and I pay forrepparttar 145382 retirement of other Americans. We have allowedrepparttar 145383 federal government for years to mandate that only certain types of arms are covered underrepparttar 145384 once absolute protections ofrepparttar 145385 Second Amendment. And recently we sat by and allowedrepparttar 145386 social engineers in our government to tell us that we are allowed to speak our sentiments freely EXCEPT when an election is less than a set number of days away.

You want my land orrepparttar 145387 land of my neighbor? You want our homes that we have bought and that we am paying for? And you want to sell our land to a private developer who will tear it down to put up a strip mall or an office building? We don’t want to sell to you? You think that you are going to sendrepparttar 145388 police to remove us? Well, I certainly do not speak for my fellow citizen but for myself you are going to have to take me out of my home feet first in a body bag!

And woe be torepparttar 145389 one that volunteers forrepparttar 145390 duty of trying to remove me from my property afterrepparttar 145391 government decides to give my land to another private individual. Two clips of .40 caliber rounds says you better have good life insurance if you are that one that comes to my door orrepparttar 145392 door of my neighbor. Because your widow is going to need it!

And my condolences go to your family.

The American people have got to get a handle on how hideous this act by our judiciary really is. Because if we don’t and if Americans don’t stand up to these judicial tyrants andrepparttar 145393 bureaucrats they empower and if you think that this isn’t “your problem” then there is going to be no one left able to protect you whenrepparttar 145394 government comes for your land. Because myself and allrepparttar 145395 real patriots in this country are going to be long since dead by government bullets paid for by your tax dollars.

J.J. Jackson is the Senior Editor of American Conservative Politics (, owner and chief designer of The Right Things ( and internet political columnist.

The World Bank and the Spread of the American Empire

Written by Dene McGriff

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When you look atrepparttar billions of dollars spent in these different countries, you quickly see that 90 or more percent were inrepparttar 145370 form of loans – loans that had to be paid back! The best thing to happen was a natural disaster, an earthquake, typhoon or flood which led to cooperation and later projects to rebuild. This isn’t to be cynical aboutrepparttar 145371 recent tsunami but that is how it worked. I will come back torepparttar 145372 details in later articles butrepparttar 145373 debt became an unbearable load to these developing countries. The infrastructure projects were sold based on optimistic estimates of GDP growth that never quite happened. A few ofrepparttar 145374 elites inrepparttar 145375 government and business got wealthy, but there was marginal benefit forrepparttar 145376 people. A history of default and restructuring of loans followed, but were never paid. Just like our credit card debt, they were lucky to keep up withrepparttar 145377 interest but never quite got torepparttar 145378 principle. They could work off some ofrepparttar 145379 debt by giving concessions to American business, voting withrepparttar 145380 U.S. inrepparttar 145381 United Nations or providing other benefits to America. In some cases,repparttar 145382 situation was so critical debts were just written off. But generally, this is notrepparttar 145383 case. The American global empire spread by enticingrepparttar 145384 developing world into projects that were extremely high cost. I used to feel guilty knowing that I was making as much in one day asrepparttar 145385 local professionals working with me made in a month. At one time, my billing rate was over $400 an hour! We knew they would default onrepparttar 145386 loans. We would just restructure them and time them tighter into our little empire. Christians played an unknowing role in this first phase of development. The role of Summer Institute of Linguistics or Wycliffe Bible Translators is well known and documented that they were used byrepparttar 145387 CIA and promoted American business interests. But let’s just talk about my experience. (Please see “Thy Will be Done” by Charlotte Dennett) In 1979, I went to work for World Relief ofrepparttar 145388 National Association of Evangelicals (NAE). I wroterepparttar 145389 first grant funded by USAID to start our development activities (in contrast to relief). I worked for Cleo Shook who had just leftrepparttar 145390 Carter administration as an Under Secretary of State. Cleo, like many missionaries, inrepparttar 145391 1950s had gone to Afghanistan but couldn’t stay as a “Christian Missionary.” He becamerepparttar 145392 CIA eyes and ears in Afghanistan and later Iran, startedrepparttar 145393 Peace Corps with Sergeant Shriver, and though a wonderful Christian, was an emissary forrepparttar 145394 empire. Phase II The first phase was to do basic community and infrastructure development. The next phase wasrepparttar 145395 expansion ofrepparttar 145396 global empire by exporting jobs to cheap labor markets. I have been in sweatshops in Indonesia,repparttar 145397 Philippines, and Nigeria (back inrepparttar 145398 mid ‘80s) We were trying to convincerepparttar 145399 plant managers that they would get better work productivity if they provided health and family planning services torepparttar 145400 workers. TIPPS, Enterprise and a whole host of other USAID projects were aimed at helpingrepparttar 145401 private sector. Another aspect of this was privatization. The concept was thatrepparttar 145402 private sector could do a better job (withrepparttar 145403 profit motive) thanrepparttar 145404 public sector. Whole sectors were being privatized – transportation, health, utilities, etc. Instead of being “privatized” by local business, multinationals would come in and take over resulting in much higher costs than before. But this wasrepparttar 145405 democratic, capitalistic thing to do. I worked on projects like this in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Jamaica and other countries. I helpedrepparttar 145406 Colombian government develop a “managed competition” system inrepparttar 145407 mid to late ‘90s withrepparttar 145408 idea of privatization and cost control. The result was a disaster forrepparttar 145409 bankrupt public system –repparttar 145410 “safety net” forrepparttar 145411 poor. Today we see jobs going overseas byrepparttar 145412 millions. Our development efforts have been in part successful in that there is a relatively healthy, well fed, educated work force willing to do our jobs for one tenthrepparttar 145413 wage. Do our elites really care that they are displacing American workers? Not really. Do they care that eventually they may lose their domestic market? Not really. It’s pretty small compared torepparttar 145414 rest ofrepparttar 145415 world (we are only 5 percent ofrepparttar 145416 population). America may have its budget and trade deficits. The average American family may be falling deeper in debt, but so what? Isn’t thatrepparttar 145417 overall strategy ofrepparttar 145418 elites? To bankrupt countries and individuals and make them totally dependent and obedient torepparttar 145419 elites. If you have been reading my material for some time, you know that I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist but this seems pretty well organized. The difficult part with deception is that it is sooo… good. It can really fool you. We act onrepparttar 145420 information we have. Sure, a lot of well-meaning people have been involved in spreadingrepparttar 145421 empire without even realizing it. What we have done has apparently been done withrepparttar 145422 best intentions, butrepparttar 145423 most terrible result. The government,repparttar 145424 media andrepparttar 145425 powerful corporate interests are ready with their own explanation. I doubt that very few connectrepparttar 145426 dots and seerepparttar 145427 connections. One has to ask themselves, why doesrepparttar 145428 world so hate us? People are not as dumb as we may think. I have run into taxi drivers in Buenos Aires who are clearer onrepparttar 145429 role of America inrepparttar 145430 world thanrepparttar 145431 average American. Get your passport updated and travel somewhere. Talk torepparttar 145432 people and you will see. It got so embarrassing being an American; I would either speak Spanish or say I was Canadian. Some Call it Conspiracy There is a worldwide network of elites. Is there a conspiracy or is it all just coincidental? No country inrepparttar 145433 world has developed a truly global economic and military empire as we have. Is this that great “last days” nation that will dominaterepparttar 145434 earth? One should not be so quick to predict her demise. It took more than a hundred years to get here and we will not be that easily deposed. The American elites are truly global. Just as they have provided credit torepparttar 145435 nations to enslave them, they have supplied ample credit torepparttar 145436 American households to consume beyond their means – resulting in our ultimate slavery torepparttar 145437 system. It matters not thatrepparttar 145438 billionsrepparttar 145439 GEs, Becthels and Halliburtons make in Iraq – it goes intorepparttar 145440 elite coffers – not yours and mine. The fact that we are being impoverished by credit debt and continually refinanced mortgages;repparttar 145441 fact that our currency is losing value, prices are rising, wages are flat,repparttar 145442 economy is stagnating –repparttar 145443 elites are doingrepparttar 145444 same thing to us as they did torepparttar 145445 rest ofrepparttar 145446 world. The rich are getting richer andrepparttar 145447 poor are getting poorer. Just look around at your friends, their parents and their children and you will see whatrepparttar 145448 statistics tell us. We are becoming a third world, debtor society with a few atrepparttar 145449 top who have “made it.” Should we be surprised? Not if we read our Bibles. There is a system in place to get us to believe that black is white and white is black, that we arerepparttar 145450 good guys helpingrepparttar 145451 world, that we haverepparttar 145452 best system and only meanrepparttar 145453 best for everyone. If we believerepparttar 145454 lies told us on a daily basis, we will surely be deceived. Go to complete article

The author has 30 years international development experience and has worked in 40 plus countries around the world. He holds two Masters Degrees and is a PhD Candidate with specialization in business, and international finance, and is founder of

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