Liberalization of in-domains

Written by Hans-Peter Oswald

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"I have made this appeal to representatives ofrepparttar IT industry here, which is consideredrepparttar 108273 IT capital of India. Oncerepparttar 108274 tech industry migrates to this new identity, it will set a trend forrepparttar 108275 rest to follow in letter and spirit. They need to changerepparttar 108276 domain names of their companies or organisations by registering their Websites or mail IDs only once for identifying themselves with their motherland," Maran says.

"Though we are not making it mandatory, we are coming out with a number of schemes for Indian companies or organisations to make this transition soon. The ministry will shortly come out with an action plan to enable a smooth migration to either or .in,"repparttar 108277 IT minister explains.

The Indian IT-minister seems to be aware, that it is very bureaucratic inrepparttar 108278 moment to register in-domains. Indian companies need a lot of paperwork in order to get a domain at , .in itself is reserved for Indian providers, not open to all Indian companies. "Foreign companies", explains Hans-Peter Oswald,repparttar 108279 CEO of ICANN Registrar Secura (, ,,can only registerrepparttar 108280 own name at"

Hans-Peter Oswald

CEO ICANN accredited Registrar Secura

ICANN-Registrar: kr-domains for anybody

Written by Hans Peter Oswald

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Korean domains can officially only be registered by Korean inhabitants or companies. But we Secura has find a way, that anybody can register Korean domains. Your datas are even published officially inrepparttar WHOIS as owner. Hans-Peter Oswald

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