Leveraging Media Publicity for Your Website

Written by Michael Low

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There are tens of thousands of media outlets in America. Unless you haverepparttar time and energy to manually compile your own media list, we recommend outsourcing.

An established PR firm would already haverepparttar 124472 major media contacts stored in their database. Their media contacts are accurate and fresh.

If you think it is cheaper to dorepparttar 124473 distribution yourself, here'srepparttar 124474 shocking truth!

Consider this illustration: If your hourly wage is $20 and it takes 10 minutes to locate contact information for each media outlet; plus another 5 minutes to contact them. Time spent per media outlet = 15 minutes.

Labor cost to reach each outlet = 15/60 * $20 = $5.00

A reasonable size of distribution for most press releases in America is 4,000 media outlets. Multiply your labor cost of $5.00 per outlet by 4,000 outlets.

Total labor cost for your PR campaign is an astronomical $20,000! That excludes actual distribution costs.

How much do PR firms charge for writing a press release AND distributing it torepparttar 124475 same number of media outlets? Most charge between $350 to $600. It definitely makes good economic sense to outsource your PR campaign.

Media publicity plays an important role in successful website marketing. Get yours rolling today!

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Low-Cost Promotion with Labels

Written by Rolf Gompertz

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The labels can also be used on stationery, envelopes, shipping bags and shipping boxes, as part of your ongoing promotion.

In fact, long beforerepparttar book was available, I used a sequence of labels to call attention torepparttar 124471 book's forthcoming publication. You can dorepparttar 124472 same thing duringrepparttar 124473 various stages of whatever you are promoting. Here for instance, are some earlier labels I used:

Soon available ABRAHAM, THE DREAMER An Erotic and Sacred Love Story A biblical novel by ROLF GOMPERTZ

Now Available ABRAHAM, THE DREAMER An Erotic and Sacred Love Story A fast-paced, provocative, biblical novel by ROLF GOMPERTZ Publisher: iUniverse.com $14.95 ISBN 0-595-17697-6, paperback, 260 pages Browse and buy at www.iUniverse.com Or call toll-free number: 1-877-823-9235


An Erotic and Sacred Love Story A provocative, biblical novel, 260 pp. by ROLF GOMPERTZ www.iUniverse.com , paperback $14.95

Forrepparttar 124474 five-line labels, I used No. 5160 Avery labels, 1"x 2 5/8", which come 30 to a sheet. In Windows '98 /Microsoft Word '97, for instance, you have an Envelopes and Labels program set up, for various Avery labels, under Tools.

So "label" away! You may even find additional uses for them. And don't forget to use this same information for your standing e-mail signature, although there you may be limited to seven lines. My customized signature, for instance, reads as follows:

'ABRAHAM, THE DREAMER, An Erotic & Sacred Love Story' A fast-paced, provocative, biblical paperback novel by Rolf Gompertz Browse and order at http://www.iUniverse.com or http://www.amazon.com, Order from any bookstore or iUniverse's toll free number 1/877/823-9235. Author contact: phone 1/818/980-3576; mailto:rolfgompertz@yahoo.com.

Rolf Gompertz is the author of eight books, including, "Abraham, The Dreamer/An Erotic and Sacred Love Story." This provocative, biblical novel explores the turbulent relationship between Abraham, his wife, Sarah, and "the other woman," Hagar. The paperback may be browsed and ordered at http://www.iUniverse.com , http://www.amazon.com or ordered from any bookstore. Mailto: rolfgompertz@yahoo.com

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