Letting go and Letting Be

Written by Tony Cuckson

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Our journey in life is to learn to know who we are.

There is a paradox here. We learn to know who we are by knowing who and what we are not. We give up identifying with all that is who we are not. When we let go of who we think we arerepparttar Blessing is here. We stop losing our life’s energy. We stop trying so hard to make what is already alright be all right. We stop losing life by refusing to save “our life.”

Letting it be is an insult torepparttar 122178 ego.

It is affronted byrepparttar 122179 idea that when something is wrong it should not take control. We are simply required to do all that we can do without attachment to results. When we trustrepparttar 122180 universe we are essentially trusting in ourselves. The deeperrepparttar 122181 trustrepparttar 122182 deeperrepparttar 122183 connection to all there is. The deeperrepparttar 122184 trustrepparttar 122185 less trouble you will be in.

You begin to know and trust, "What will be will be." You begin to trust in your ability to co-create. You are as a hollow bamboo and love plays her song through your allowing heart. You become a co-creator of love inaction. This is not “your love” butrepparttar 122186 play ofrepparttar 122187 Beloved through you.

This is wisdom. It is notrepparttar 122188 wisdom ofrepparttar 122189 ego. Wisdom and ego are separate. Wisdom is. It does not belong to “little me. “It is a free flow of knowing. It is allowingrepparttar 122190 wisdom ofrepparttar 122191 soft animal of your body to do what it loves.

This wisdom comes fromrepparttar 122192 free flow of energy inrepparttar 122193 body. It is your body of wisdom that flows freely unfrozen by resentment, bitterness, anger, or hatred. These arerepparttar 122194 energies that block our life force and cause us to be “not at ease.” Wisdom isrepparttar 122195 refinement of all these “grosser” forms of energy. The word “gross” in this sense is used by way of description and is not to be considered a judgement.

We often need to express such energies in a safe and caring environment. Such energies are not to be condemned. They are to be given freedom of expression so “the soft animal of your body” can be in balance again. We need to find our personal Mother Mary’s or our personal Soul Friend or Friends who will be before us in our "times of trouble" and allow us to “let it be.”

Their gift to us is non-judgement, non-attachment and non-doing. They sit with your soul. Sometimes they appear fierce because they are not out to flatter your ego but to keep your feet onrepparttar 122196 path of this journey into love. They teach yourepparttar 122197 alchemy of transformation. They teach you that you are forever enough. They teach you to “let it be,” “let it go” and “let it God.”

They teach you thatrepparttar 122198 Blessing is already here and that you are it. This requires you to know who you are by giving up your attachment to all you are not. You surrender all you think you are and maybe one time you will be amazed. You will be amazed at how beautiful and wondrous you are beyondrepparttar 122199 prison of ego.

Tony Cuckson is an Anam Cara. This Celtic term means “Soul Friend.” He specializes in providing insight for the spiritual journey, Irish Blessings, words of wisdom and finding inner peace. Get your free report called “7 ways to it’s a wonderful life” at http://www.irishblessingsmatter.com or visit Tony’s Blog at http://www.irishblessingsmatter.info for the best resources on spiritual growth.

The Law of Attraction - Make it Work for You

Written by Laurie Hayes

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I adoptedrepparttar mindset that I was going down and became focused on struggling and racing time. My negative vibration started attracting more ofrepparttar 122177 same andrepparttar 122178 disparaging results started snowballing.

I created an undesirable cycle of events.

One ofrepparttar 122179 greatest gifts we have isrepparttar 122180 ability to choose our thoughts, and thankfully, inrepparttar 122181 middle ofrepparttar 122182 crisp, cool winter air, I realized that I was creating this reality with my negative thinking.

The Universe was merely giving me back what I was sending out.

After shoveling, I decided I must change course to attract desired events in my life. I chose not to focus on work’s daily demands but on life and those who meanrepparttar 122183 most to me.

I spentrepparttar 122184 remainder of my day decoratingrepparttar 122185 Christmas tree with my stepson then taking him out for lunch. I gave him my undivided attention and let him know he is important.

I returned to my true purpose. Focusing on others and helping them see their worth in this world.

It is important to remember that you haverepparttar 122186 power to create your reality and this is managed through your thoughts.

If you are thinking about a lack of something, you will attract more of this. If you are thinking about something you love, you will attract more of what you love and enjoy.

Be aware of what is coming into your life and if it isn’t what you want, review your thought processes and make changes. You haverepparttar 122187 power.

Laurie Hayes, founder of Where the Heart Is Life Coaching, is a Life Strategy Coach and author of several articles and an e-book designed to promote excitement and inspire action in others to pursue the best life has to offer. To secure a copy of her free e-book, "10 Guidelines for Attraction" visit www.wheretheheartis-lifecoaching.com

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