Let Your Visitors Build Your Website

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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A visitor built website receives two types of traffic.

- People who submit content. - People who consume content.

The content producers must have an incentive to contribute. That incentive can berepparttar opportunity to promote themselves; for example, a "resource box" atrepparttar 117252 bottom of each article that they submit, or an "aboutrepparttar 117253 artist" page for each account. Some visitor built websites provide an incentive based upon a share ofrepparttar 117254 website's revenue.

In most cases,repparttar 117255 content itself will be incentive enough forrepparttar 117256 content consumers. But inrepparttar 117257 case of a "free classifieds" website,repparttar 117258 reality is that few people seek advertising. In this case, your website's audience will consist soley of producers. In order to get repeat visits, you'll have to cause their ads to expire after a certain interval.

The most important part of a visitor built website is content management. The content must be subdivided into sections or categories. Let your visitors chooserepparttar 117259 category for their contribution. In direct posting, website visitors will abuserepparttar 117260 posting process by posting an item under several or all categories. You need to decide if posting an item under more than one category is to be allowed.

Examples: www.epinions.com members earn money by writing and submitting reviews of consumer products. www.site-reporter.com members earn money by reviewing websites and completing questionnaires.

A visitor built website lets you focus on tasks more directly related to generating revenue, like advertising and promotion, while relieving you of most ofrepparttar 117261 chores of content creation. Which type of visitor built website will you start?

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Virtual Professionals - 2003 Snap Shot

Written by Eileen 'Turtle' Parzek

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Not surprisingly, ninety-six percent ofrepparttar virtual professionals were based in home offices. This is not unusual for small businesses; for some this is a stepping stone and for others, a permanent lifestyle. Many had home offices already set up and foundrepparttar 117251 transition easy oncerepparttar 117252 Internet technology became available. Some, like Janice Byer at Docu-Type Administrative & Web Design Services, had bothrepparttar 117253 corporate and entrepreneurial experience working for her dad but "didn't want to 'go out' to work when he retired." The majority of virtual professionals are solo entrepreneurs without any employees.

Thirty percent ofrepparttar 117254 virtual professionals said that child care wasrepparttar 117255 major factor in starting their business, and for sixty percent, their business provides their sole income. Women working at home with small children inrepparttar 117256 background have their own unique challenges, but imaginerepparttar 117257 education their children will get about entrepreneurship. Renae Bolton, owner of Triple J WordProcessing Co., leftrepparttar 117258 office to fix her son a snack and he called out "Mom - one of your clients is blinking you!" when an Instant Message came in.

A virtual professional can be anywhere onrepparttar 117259 planet, again assumingrepparttar 117260 technology is available, and for that reason,repparttar 117261 survey purposefully did not collect geographic information fromrepparttar 117262 respondents. However,repparttar 117263 survey respondents came from global networking environments online in order to get a diverse response. Althoughrepparttar 117264 United States was a leader, a significant number of virtual professionals were from Australia and Canada.

Working virtually can be a challenge, and withoutrepparttar 117265 right technology, it can be downright impossible. Inrepparttar 117266 next two articles of this series, we will look atrepparttar 117267 perks and perils of working this way, and later, what tools and technologies are popular amongst virtual professionals in 2003.

### Eileen Parzek, SOHO It Goes! 2003

Eileen Parzek conducted an online survey of 70 virtual professionals around the world for this article. Ms. Parzek is a veteran web designer and an online marketing & communications consultant who has been working from home and virtually since 1995. Her current business, SOHO It Goes! (www.soho-it-goes.com) functions as an online marketing department for small businesses and organizations.

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