Let Your Employees Make Decisions

Written by Jason Liptow

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4. Supporting your staff's decisions is important because it shows trust. It builds trust betweenrepparttar managers andrepparttar 150414 staff. Standing behind them empowers them to make decisions without always second-guessing themselves. 5. Empowering your staff to make decisions instills confidence in them. The staff feels that you trust them to make important decisions and gains confidence in themselves as they make more. 6. Allowing your staff to make decisions allows you,repparttar 150415 manager, to spend your time on more important tasks. Managers should be spending their time on more important tasks and decision-making rather than justrepparttar 150416 trivial issues that arise hundreds of times a day. Allowing others to make those decisions gives yourepparttar 150417 time to do more important tasks. 7. The staff feels like they are making a contribution torepparttar 150418 organization or business when they are allowed to make decisions. As a result they become more productive and loyal torepparttar 150419 organization. 8. If one of your workers makes a mistake while making a decision, sit down with them and explain why it was wrong. Do not berate them in front of others or even alone. Explain whyrepparttar 150420 decision was wrong and help them understand whatrepparttar 150421 right decision should have been forrepparttar 150422 situation. 9. Spend some time coaching your staff on decision-making skills. They will only improve if you help them. 10. Remember that some members ofrepparttar 150423 staff will not feel comfortable under any situation or conditions in making decisions. That is important because you do not want people who are unsure of themselves making decisions. Do not put them in a situation where they are forced to do so if they are uncomfortable with it. Decision-making is important in every organization and business. Makingrepparttar 150424 wrong decision in some instances can be devastating to an organization. These decisions should be left torepparttar 150425 managers. Do not be afraid to delegate decision-making but be sure to set guidelines forrepparttar 150426 level of decision-making allowed for each level of workers. If this is done correctly, productivity, confidence, and loyalty will increase in your organization.

Written by Jason Liptow, webmaster of The Good Manager. Copyright 2005.

Educator and manager with years of experience in banking, restaurant, and payroll industry. BA in Social Studies, MSBA in Operations Management and Quality Control from Madonna University. Webmaster of www.thegoodmanager.com.

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Written by Larry Connors

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