Let's Restrict the Definition of Marriage for Straights

Written by Jean Fritz

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The debate about marriage needs an injection of intellectual honesty. To be sure, homosexuality isn’t “normal” in eitherrepparttar psychological or biological sense, and attempting to normalize this behavior by calling sex between same-sex adults a “marriage” is disingenuous. However, calling what Britney Spears and her current appendage did a “marriage” is just as degrading torepparttar 105746 institution, andrepparttar 105747 damage that has been done torepparttar 105748 fragile fabric ofrepparttar 105749 children’s world is real, current and immense.

In order to protect marriage, we need to define it as a sanctified union between grownups who have a clue what they’re doing and are willing to assumerepparttar 105750 responsibility for their choice. Anything less than this – whether it be a union of gays or straights – is a business deal.

The author is a freelance writer and farmer with a lot of opinions. She lives in the stubbornly red state of Indiana.


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