Let's Play Monopoly

Written by Ronald C Smith

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The greater percent of these programs go torepparttar cyber-graveyard before they ever pay a cent to their members. That’srepparttar 101865 sad truth. I have close friends as proof.

But I had to wonder if there really, honestly could be a program whose numbers made sense, whose projections were based on realistic spread sheets, and whose members could count onrepparttar 101866 money never running out; ever!

It was a challenge that I couldn’t resist. Admittedly my labor was not without flaws that constantly needed correcting. And many sleepless nights my head swam with numbers.

In finality, my results would not buy you a Jaguar, send you on a cruise, or allow you to fire your boss. The earnings would be modest at best…. but then so are dividends from any stock you might own: modest but dependable!

I think worse than losing your money onrepparttar 101867 Internet, is losing your hope. Don’t depend on miracles, promises or guarantees – depend on your ability to do some simple math to see if an ‘opportunity’ has any chance of surviving long term.

If it looks like just another game of monopoly, pass on it.

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Ten Ways to Blow It in a Relationship

Written by Rinatta Paries

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9. Lavish a huge amount of attention on your partner or expect a huge amount of attention to be lavished on you. How else would you act if you finally found your soul mate?

10. Pushrepparttar relationship forward and demand that it go deeper, in spite of where your partner is emotionally. You haverepparttar 101864 right to haverepparttar 101865 relationship be exactly how you want it to be and your soul mate owes you that.

If you want some insurance that your new relationship has every chance of making it, be…

* Honest * Communicative * Clear about your needs and boundaries * A good listener

Onrepparttar 101866 other hand, your relationship may end no matter what you do. But being in fear it will end actually makesrepparttar 101867 end more likely. To eradicate this fear, let go ofrepparttar 101868 attachment thatrepparttar 101869 person you are with be THE right person. Simply be with him or her one day at a time.

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