Let's Have a Barbeque Party

Written by Valerie Giles

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The lighting for your outdoor party will only matter ifrepparttar barbecue carries on intorepparttar 144842 evening; regardlessrepparttar 144843 lighting is something that is nice to think about as it adds so many ambiences to your backyard setting. There are outdoor solar-powered lights available and other lighting options in several designs. Luminaries, candles, miniature white lights strung between trees or along your patio, or some lovely white paper lanterns hanging from your trees can make your patio extraordinary.

Bug control is a must at your outdoor party. Burn citronella candles to help keep a variety of bugs away. If yellow jackets are a nuisance in your yard, traps are available from your garden center or nursery. Remember to cover food, especiallyrepparttar 144844 meat and sweet drinks onrepparttar 144845 table to protect from bugs.

A few other nice additions to your party might be; gift bags for any children attendingrepparttar 144846 party, you can fillrepparttar 144847 bags with fun ideas found atrepparttar 144848 dollar store like glow sticks, crayons and little notepads etc., itís a nice idea to keeprepparttar 144849 children occupied; patio heaters are excellent if it starts to cool down inrepparttar 144850 evening, or for unexpected cooler days; flowers in planters or hanging baskets will further add torepparttar 144851 appeal of your yard; lastly a nice variety of music setsrepparttar 144852 mood and adds a nice overall feeling to your party.

Planningrepparttar 144853 meal is probablyrepparttar 144854 biggest challenge to your party. Youíll want to know in advance if any of your guests have any special eating preferences, allergies, dislikes. You can always go withrepparttar 144855 standard burgers, veggie burgers (f there will be any vegetarians attending), steaks and salads knowing that everyone will be satisfied and full. Onrepparttar 144856 other hand, you might want to surprise your guests with a wonderful honey barbeque broiled steak; a simple marinade can be made with garlic, marjoram, salt, pepper, dry mustard, honey, and balsamic vinegar. The selected steak or chicken can then be kept inrepparttar 144857 marinade for a couple of hours inrepparttar 144858 fridge, next step is ontorepparttar 144859 barbecue. Excellent side dishes might be some potato salad, a green salad and corn onrepparttar 144860 cob.

Inrepparttar 144861 summertime cold drinks are a must. You might make some cold lemonade, and have some carbonated beverages on hand. A nice addition to any buffet table is a lovely punch (alcohol or non alcohol) with some lemon slices and fresh fruit additions. Always have lots of ice available to keeprepparttar 144862 drinks cold. For dessert some cut fruit such as strawberries, melon and watermelon slices prove refreshing or a fruit salad can be nice, and of course a nice cake or some cookies is always sinful but popular. Later on, a bowl of corn tortilla chips served with salsa is well liked.

Of course your budget will determine how much you can and canít do as far as decorating at your party. But donít let that discourage you, it takes time to get your patio looking exactlyrepparttar 144863 way you want it, inrepparttar 144864 meantime keep your eyes open and look for ideas. A simple picnic table and some plastic outdoor chairs work well too; a barbecue really is all aboutrepparttar 144865 food and atmosphere created.

With some planning andrepparttar 144866 right atmosphere your outdoor barbeque party will be a success. Whether your party is big or small, a barbeque is a wonderful way to get together with your closest friends and family members to enjoyrepparttar 144867 summertime and some great food.

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History of Jamaican Coffee

Written by Randy Wilson

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True Jamaican Blue Mountain coffees are full-bodied, moderately acidy and richly complex, though occasionally marred by a slight mustiness, which is characteristic of many Caribbean coffees.

The Jamaican coffee market has had its share of setbacks from worker shortages aroundrepparttar turn ofrepparttar 144779 20th century torepparttar 144780 complete shut down of production for two years due to hurricane devastation in 1988. Early inrepparttar 144781 exportation of Jamaican coffee, Canada wasrepparttar 144782 largest consumer with over 60% of all coffee exports bound for this country. In 1943repparttar 144783 Canadian government declaredrepparttar 144784 quality of Jamaican coffee unacceptable and stopped all importation.

In 1944repparttar 144785 Jamaican government establishedrepparttar 144786 Central Coffee Clearing House, where all coffee bound for export was cleaned, inspected and graded, in an attempt to raiserepparttar 144787 standard of Jamaican coffee. In 1950repparttar 144788 Jamaican coffee growers established their own governing body,repparttar 144789 Jamaican Coffee Industry Board, to improve and maintainrepparttar 144790 quality and reputation of Jamaican coffee.

The JCIB successfully accomplished its goal through setting and enforcing standards for growing, harvesting, processing and marketing of its product. Today, Jamaican coffee is known for its high-quality. Annual production of Jamaican coffee stands around 6,600,000 lbs. of which about 85% is exported to Japan. The remaining 15% is distributed mostly betweenrepparttar 144791 U.S. andrepparttar 144792 U.K. gourmet specialty markets where it can fetch up to US$40/lb.

© Copyright Randy Wilson, All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright Randy Wilson, All Rights Reserved.

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