Let's Get Positive

Written by Anita Foley

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Iíve learnedrepparttar ins and outs of my PC and Iíve learned to deal effectively with my ISP. Iíve even learned about installing routers and ether net cards, downloading what needs to be downloaded, and configuring what needs to be configured! WOW. All this from a technically challenged 50-year-old woman!

And, best of all, Iíve come to really know myself--my ability to persevere, my desire to succeed, my willingness to learn, my talents I didnít know I had. Iíve become more creative and intellectually stimulated than Iíve ever been before, and Iím really excited about this whole business of doing business online!

Hey, Iím not saying I donít run into problems here and there just like everyone else. Some days I have more spam in my inbox than I know what to do with, and some days I canít even get online. But, all in all, Iím really having fun. Maybe Iíll grow a little more cynical after Iíve been doing this for a few years, like other folks out there. But, forrepparttar 124060 moment, Iím trying to be positive.

Iíve decided that doing business online isrepparttar 124061 only way to do business inrepparttar 124062 future. The Internet is here to stay, and I plan to be part of it. I believe thatrepparttar 124063 nonsense weíre putting up with today, like spam and scam, will be just a bad memory some day. The Internet will make many more millionaires andrepparttar 124064 future promises to be exciting and profitable!

Donít you want to be part of it? I DO! So Iím not listening torepparttar 124065 complaints andrepparttar 124066 moaning and groaning. I donít have time for that. Iíve decided to GET POSITIVE and get busy and get creative and see what happens. Guess what? Wealth happens.

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Written by Mary Wilkey

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Obstacles are to get us where we want to be, instead of where we are. The Bible says we are to endure afflictions, but why? Because when we endure affliction "for a season," it is to teach us gratitude for allrepparttar blessings we have when we are without affliction. Andrepparttar 124059 more we practice gratitude,repparttar 124060 less we are afflicted.

Problems are for promotions to work perfection in us. That's why Paul wrote, "We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus our Lord." Instead of succumbing to defeat, we are to be victorious.

Jesus said he gave us power over allrepparttar 124061 power ofrepparttar 124062 enemy, and that's whatrepparttar 124063 tares of this world are all about. That isrepparttar 124064 enemy at work. In other words, don't focus onrepparttar 124065 problem, but onrepparttar 124066 solution.

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