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Written by Chrisi Darrington

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Don't place long descriptions onrepparttar site map. It's comparable to a street map. Justrepparttar 134791 facts...err... links. Place a link torepparttar 134792 site map on each page.

This will allow your customers faster access. They will not need to go back to your home page, especially ifrepparttar 134793 site map is created by adding a simple pop up window code.

Keeprepparttar 134794 main page no longer than two page lengths. If it's at all possible your main page should be visible with little if any scrolling. It's pretty hard to do, because most of us want our customers to see everything all at once.

However, if you keep your main page focus on quick links, and you don't crowd it with advertisements and other non-essentials, you should be all right. Limit it to no longer than a two-page viewing. A little scrolling is all right.

Main page should be fast loading. Nothing will kill your visits faster than a slow loading web page. Keep your main page simple. No more than a few pictures.

Remember you don't need to dazzle your customers with animations and colorful banners and pictures. Believe me... repparttar 134795 people who know this fact are making millions...

YES, MILLIONS! Their web sites are simple and FAST loading.

* Place "Back to Top" links on long scrolling pages, FAQ, or other subject type references.

* Place a "Back to Top" link atrepparttar 134796 bottom of long scrolling web pages to keep your customers happy. This makes navigation so much nicer and it's a crowd pleaser.

* Place targeted links. FAQ targeted links is a good example. Use targeted links for anything in this type of setting.

A targeted link will take your customer straight torepparttar 134797 subheading of interest. Use targeted links especially where you have many subheadings or frequently asked questions.

Remember, an easily navigated website will impress your visitors. A poorly designed web site will create a frustrated visitor who will not want to come back.

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Building Your Own Web Site? Here are Two Critical Points to Consider

Written by Gary Abada

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Selecting Colors for your Web Site

Findingrepparttar right color scheme is absolutely crucial because it setsrepparttar 134790 theme ofrepparttar 134791 entire site. Business web sites should not have colors that irritate your eyes or shock you off your chair... soft and readable gives you that look! The look that tellsrepparttar 134792 client that they are dealing with a real business and not a fly-by-night operation. Let me show yourepparttar 134793 difference between a professionally designed site with a business oriented color scheme - http://www.moneymakingempire.com/, compared to this - http://www.roadtowealth.com. The choice of colors andrepparttar 134794 music inrepparttar 134795 background kills whatever chance they have left in convincing clients that they knowrepparttar 134796 secret to money-making opportunities.


If you're going to spend hard earned money setting up an online business, then you cannot makerepparttar 134797 mistake of having your cousin's neighbor who read a web site design book once, berepparttar 134798 guy to design your site. Remember your web site isrepparttar 134799 one that will compete inrepparttar 134800 world of e-business. Potential customers form a first impression of your site and within seconds make a decision of whether or not they want to do business with you! Consider too, that you need a competitive edge. Getting a professional design and marketing company like Worldprofit to help you succeed isrepparttar 134801 best business decision you can make. Not only are you getting experience e-business site developers... you are also getting allrepparttar 134802 marketing and promotional resources of a dot com company that has been in business for over six years.

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