Let’s Swing at Santa Catalina Islands Casino on Avalon Bay

Written by Carolyn Proctor

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Mural artist John Gabriel Beckman, already famous for his work at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, was hired to design all ofrepparttar interior and exterior artwork. Beckman wanted his exterior images to be executed in tile. However, he ran out of time, so they were painted. A contemporary restoration ofrepparttar 140514 entrance saw his feature mural of Aphrodite rising fromrepparttar 140515 sea finally executed all in tile.

Wrigley’s budget forrepparttar 140516 design and construction ofrepparttar 140517 Casino was $600,000, but he ended up spending $2 million. He must surely have been committed to keeping Ada and her sisters happily dancing.

A theater was also designed forrepparttar 140518 lower level ofrepparttar 140519 casino. Its walls sport art deco murals of Greek goddesses and gods such as King Neptune and his son Triton, but also much of Southern California and island history. While waiting forrepparttar 140520 classic 1929 theater pipe organ to play, you could gaze at Portuguese explorer Juan Cabrillo, who discoveredrepparttar 140521 island in 1542. Or you could point out to your childrenrepparttar 140522 trees and animals native torepparttar 140523 island.

The Avalon Theater wasrepparttar 140524 first theater specifically designed forrepparttar 140525 new sound movies, “talkies". The domed ceilings of bothrepparttar 140526 theater andrepparttar 140527 ballroom make for perfect acoustics; no electronic amplification needed. A tour guide stands onrepparttar 140528 stage and speaks in a normal voice; we hear her perfectly inrepparttar 140529 last row. Behind her isrepparttar 140530 original fire curtain fromrepparttar 140531 1929 Casino opening. The title ofrepparttar 140532 mural onrepparttar 140533 fire curtain is “The Flight of Fancy Westward".

Avalon Casino and Museum Open 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. daily. Adults $14.50; Seniors $13.; Children $7.25 Museum alone Adults $4.00; Seniors $3; Children 6-15 $1.00.

We are treated to a viewing of a Buster Keaton silent short, “The Boat". A musician accompaniesrepparttar 140534 film onrepparttar 140535 organ, so that we can imagine what it must have been like inrepparttar 140536 1920s to see a silent movie in this beautiful theater. Today, Avalon Theatre is stillrepparttar 140537 only movie theater onrepparttar 140538 island; this week’s show w hile I was on island is “The Hitchhiker’s Guide torepparttar 140539 Galaxy".

2005 marksrepparttar 140540 75th y ear celebratingrepparttar 140541 Casino’s

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Rake Back - The pros and cons of rake back deals

Written by RB

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Always readrepparttar fine print ofrepparttar 140369 rakeback offer. Often you will see them have funny rules such as; do not enter a code at sign up. Is it possible they wish to avoid triggering a bonus code?

In reality, onlyrepparttar 140370 very high end, frequent player will truly benefit from a rake back program in any significant way. Most players will make much more back withrepparttar 140371 signup and reload bonuses. And for those that use them,repparttar 140372 rake back benefits will not make up forrepparttar 140373 bonus losses right away. It will happen, but takes time. The only real way a player can be guaranteed of getting paid rake back and not having to worry about their poker account being close is find a poker room that sanctions rake back themselves, or stick withrepparttar 140374 bonuses.

What's that about accounts being closed? Yes, they can be. If an affiliate offers a rake back deal andrepparttar 140375 player already has an account at that particular poker room they will not receive it without attempting to open a duplicate account, usually in another name. Ifrepparttar 140376 player is caught all related accounts will be closed. Players have to decide if it is worthrepparttar 140377 risk of losing their account at a room they like playing in.

Can players actually lose money joining a rakeback program? Yes. Forrepparttar 140378 majority of players out thererepparttar 140379 loss of both sign up and re-load bonuses will be greater thanrepparttar 140380 amount of rake refunded back to them. Evenrepparttar 140381 smallest sign up bonus of $25 would take two and one half months equal in rake back forrepparttar 140382 average player.

In conclusion, it is up torepparttar 140383 player. In most cases rake back is probably not worthrepparttar 140384 hassle. Even forrepparttar 140385 frequent player there is less risk involved in gettingrepparttar 140386 rake back from a poker room that sanctions it itself, not an invidual affiliate. Frequent players are also more likely to be eligible for VIP programs at these same poker rooms. Included amongrepparttar 140387 many benefits are special bonuses and more accumulation in that room's point system. The average player will come out ahead withrepparttar 140388 bonuses.


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