Lessons in Love for the Shy at Heart

Written by Jennifer G. Smith

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Some ofrepparttar newer options includerepparttar 132429 Internet. Overrepparttar 132430 past few years, on-line dating has taken off in a way that no one could have predicted, emphasizing perhaps forrepparttar 132431 first timerepparttar 132432 amount of lonely people inrepparttar 132433 world today. As most people utilize these sites fromrepparttar 132434 safety of their living rooms,repparttar 132435 shy can wrap themselves in anonymity and easily make contact within their comfort zone. Unfortunately, there are often predators as well as those with a penchant for being less than truthful who occasionally respond onrepparttar 132436 other side ofrepparttar 132437 screen. Still, this can be a method for making successful matches as long as great care is taken. Another method would berepparttar 132438 off-line dating service although many of them tend to be over priced and equally anonymous. If shopping carefully, there are existing services with integrity, that work at individual comfort levels. There is alsorepparttar 132439 possibility of reasonable pricing as well as background screening to increase safety.

One last recommendation from one who sharesrepparttar 132440 shyness curse, is simply to find ways to expand your comfort zone. I did this initially by getting a job that forced me to interact with people. The bottom line is shyness isnít synonymous with cowardice. Take a good look at yourself and decide what improvements are in your ability to make and make them. Meeting and dealing with people will always increase your chances of making a match yourself. If that is your goal, then it has to begin with you.

Jennifer G. Smith owner and CEO of Let's Meet Here LLC is an acclaimed relationship guru.. She uses a holistic approach when bringing relationship-minded people together, conducting personal meetings with clients and establishing a trustful rapport among the many individuals who seek her wisdom. She lives in Los Angeles and can be contacted at: jgsmith@lets-meet-here.com or (818) 232-4148.

Burn, Baby Burn

Written by Holmes Charnley

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But not all characters smoke; not all these people down on their luck immediately reach forrepparttar fags. Jack Nicholsonís character in The Shining doesnít reach for a cigarette despite suffering from what we can only describe politely as a mild bout of depression and paranoia.

In a likewise manner, take Taxi Driver, starring Robert De Niro. De Niro playsrepparttar 132427 part of a Vietnam veteran sickened by society. If ever a character needs to relax with and spark one up, itís our friend Travis Bickle, yet, no, he decides to relax by doing some DIY that involves a pistol secreted up his arm and a mirror into which he can imagine conversations.

And whilst weíre at it, I donít want to see Clint Eastwood riding into town, sipping delicately from a bottle of Evian. The subtle nuances would be lost; thereíd be something missing.

Smoking exists in society. Therefore, if Hollywood is to reflect society, then there is always going to berepparttar 132428 characters who smoke and those that donít. If a character is stressed out, he or she are still unlikely to reach for a Geri Haliwell yoga video.

And are teenagers, whose screen idols smoke, more likely to smoke themselves? Iím more inclined, as others are, to go along withrepparttar 132429 idea of peer pressure, of influences closer to home. I smoke because my friends and parents smoked. I didnít see Casablanca as a teenager. And it certainly hasn't encouraged me to continue smoking. Film-making is one ofrepparttar 132430 arts. Art reflects life. The semiotics of smoking suggests several traits within a single character, this much is true, yet it is so ingrained within Western culture to see a character who smokes as being cool and having a shed load of attitude that this overrides all else. Society must change first, then films will follow suit. Notrepparttar 132431 other way around. Hollywood isnít that powerful, nor should we ever let it become so.

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Freelance Journalist based in Devon-UK. For more examples of my work, please visit http://www.articles.me.uk. The two most recent pieces have been published in The Guardian (UK broadsheet.) Pieces also accepted by Jack magazine.

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