Lemon And Parsley Home Remedies

Written by Lee Dobbins

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Parsley is another great home remedy food that is often left uneaten onrepparttar side ofrepparttar 145092 plate. Besides being rich in potassium and vitamins it is also reputed to strengthenrepparttar 145093 kidneys and help with waste removal. And not only that, but it can help relive bad breath too! So next time you get some parsley on your plate, eat up!

Parsley is also good as a topical remedy for bruises. Next time you have a bruise, crush up some parsley leaves and apply straight torepparttar 145094 affected area.

One other problem that parsley is a good remedy for is bladder infections. Youíve probably experienced how quickly cranberry juice can clear up one of these, but if you donít like cranberries or get sick of drinking it, try a parsley tea. Simply pour some boiled water over parsley and let steep for 5 to 10 minutes. Strain outrepparttar 145095 parsley and drink.

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The Raindrop Technique Massage

Written by Emma Sanford

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The theory of droppingrepparttar oils in this manner is thatrepparttar 145091 oils, which are said to possess electromagnetic properties, are allowed to fall throughrepparttar 145092 electromagnetic field ofrepparttar 145093 receiver before touchingrepparttar 145094 skin. Thusrepparttar 145095 oils are thought to interact withrepparttar 145096 receiver's electric fields in a possibly beneficial way before being absorbed byrepparttar 145097 body throughrepparttar 145098 skin

This technique is used with various holistc modalities, supportingrepparttar 145099 immune system, relieving tension, increasing energy, supporting balanced metabolism, and general wellness enhancement.

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