Legislators, not sober drivers, are ones with impaired judgment

Written by Sheri Conover Sharlow, Libertarian Writers' Bureau

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It inadvertently banned potlucks at churches and other nonprofits. Why, Indiana canít have those dangerous church ladies making gooseberry pies or corn pudding or potato salad without state approval, even if grieving families openly appreciated having a nice meal after funerals.


Back to HB 1057.

Like other alcohol laws, it clearly will have some bizarre inconsistencies. Under current liquor laws, you canít buy carry-out non-alcoholic beer on Sundays, even though you canít get even a minor buzz off it, yet you can buy allrepparttar 50-proof Nyquil you want. Or 28.6-proof Scope. Or 70-proof vanilla extract. (For comparison, domestic beers are 10-14 proof and domestic wines are 24-28 proof.)

I donít want blue laws to ban such purchases. But this shows how current laws donít make sense.

Surely harmless non-alcoholic beer will be part of this bill because, jeepers, a police officer looking from a distance canít tell a green OíDoulís bottle from a green Becks bottle.

Why donít they go allrepparttar 125871 way withrepparttar 125872 law? If you have an open Scope bottle, youíre toast. Better keep that vanilla inrepparttar 125873 trunk. And no tolerance for a cup of orange juice, either. Ifrepparttar 125874 orange juice in your refrigerator was opened three days ago, it has more alcohol than a bottle of OíDoulís.

This bill would punish recyclers, who reducerepparttar 125875 load on our landfills, pick up litter and support nonprofits, such asrepparttar 125876 Muncie animal shelter.

Collectors hauling their goods torepparttar 125877 flea market could face fines for cans and bottles that have been empty so long thatrepparttar 125878 drinker has been dead for decades. Caterers (or parents ofrepparttar 125879 bride and groom) would not be able to choose where inrepparttar 125880 van to putrepparttar 125881 half-used bottles left from a wedding reception.

The problem isnít with alcohol containers.

The first problem is unsafe drivers. (Ironically, drunk drivers will drive past police officers ticketing sober drivers.)

The other problem is with legislators who pass laws without thinking aboutrepparttar 125882 consequences. Their judgment is clearly impaired. Theyírerepparttar 125883 ones who deserve a citation.


All Americans Labeled Equally Homosexual by Government

Written by Stan Sapsick

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At this point SAMHSA changed its story and said that it was SAMHSA policy to userepparttar words, "sexual orientation" when referring torepparttar 125870 gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender population. Apparently, it has failed officials at SAMHSA that all people have a sexual orientation whether that is a hetero, homo or bisexual orientation.

Perhaps realizing just how much trouble they could be in with groups likerepparttar 125871 ACLU for refusing to use, or let be used,repparttar 125872 terms gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgenderrepparttar 125873 story changed one more time. In an article appearing in Join Together Onlinerepparttar 125874 terminology "sexual orientation" was attributed to a project manager byrepparttar 125875 name of Brenda Bruun.

One thing that has not changed, isrepparttar 125876 refusal by SAMHSA to allowrepparttar 125877 workshop presenters to changerepparttar 125878 title back to include gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender. For nowrepparttar 125879 workshop will be a workshop on vulnerable populations. And, at least inrepparttar 125880 eyes of SAMHSA, all Americans will be equally gay.

Stan Sapsick is a writer with a passion for truth.

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