Legend Vega to Release Next CD

Written by Scott Richards

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Legend has an energetic and alluring on-stage presence as a dancer. She has performed concerts in styles ranging from classical ballet to Brazilian samba. She has performed solo dance shows and sang with artists such as world renowned flute player Nestor Torrez.

“My real passion is singing. For me, dancing is justrepparttar way my voice radiates its influence through my body. Dancing is a natural extension ofrepparttar 145066 sound of my music.” -- Legend

In addition to her musical and dance talents, she also hasrepparttar 145067 physical look necessary for mainstream pop marketability. She is an experienced and successful model. She has appeared in print ads (perfume, hair, clothing, etc.), television commercials (beer, hair, etc.) and live fashion shows (Victoria Secrets, etc.). Although modeling is not her main focus, her style and appearance is a plus to her on-stage audience appeal.

Legend has a bachelor’s degree in TV and film production, and has also studied classical opera and composition atrepparttar 145068 Conservatory of Puerto Rico. She has hosted a television series about music topics (House of Rock) and produced a pilot for her own music show (Latino Connection). She has also had small cameo appearances in a variety of other television programs.

Her new album features a variety of pop songs. The music was recorded in San Juan underrepparttar 145069 leadership of Grammy award winner, Ramon Martinez. Legend co-arranged and co-produced most ofrepparttar 145070 songs with Joaquin Fernandez. The instrumentals feature such well known musicians as Januse Bakun (bass player for Ricky Martin and Mark Anthony), Reynaldo Torres (drummer for Luis Fonsi), Rey Reyes (singer for Menudo), Joseph Fonseca, Aldo Mata, and many others.

Visit Legend Vega's Official Website http://www.legendvega.com


My Favorite Movies Journal

Written by Doreene Clement

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Movies entertain us, but they can also teach us. What did you learn about yourself? Others? The world?

Did you hear a memorable line, like: "I'll be back" fromrepparttar movie "Terminator" with Arnold Schwartzenegger or "God put you in my path" fromrepparttar 144991 movie "The Four Feathers"?

Was there a memorable scene? Did it move you? Why?

Would you rewriterepparttar 144992 ending? If so, why and what would it be?

When you keep a journal of your favorite movies, your movie experience can continue long afterrepparttar 144993 popcorn is gone andrepparttar 144994 lights are back on.

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