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Written by Mike Ber

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Thus, providing legal music online is a means ofrepparttar industry trying to position itself to take advantage ofrepparttar 137012 rising trend of portable music collections. A quick glance across major online music stores tells us exactly so. While offering free-riders affordable music (allowing them to purchase onlyrepparttar 137013 tracks they like instead of forcing them to buyrepparttar 137014 complete album) to ensure that they do not turn to music piracy, sites like eMusic and Apple’s iTunes are backingrepparttar 137015 new trend. iTunes, Apple’s online music store, hasrepparttar 137016 added distinction of being supported by perhapsrepparttar 137017 best mp3 player inrepparttar 137018 business,repparttar 137019 iPod. In this combination, Apple has found a very secure marketing brand and ensured that it takes full advantage of this cross between technology and music.

Legal music downloads appear to berepparttar 137020 perfect answer to stopping music piracy, at leastrepparttar 137021 downloading kind. Therefore there is no surprise when one sees major record labels pushing to expand such services. However, recent developments tend to make us question whatrepparttar 137022 overall agenda really is. After a period of consolidation ofrepparttar 137023 digital music market inrepparttar 137024 last two years, albums available for download online are being priced higher than they would normally be in retail stores. It used to be that you could download a song for $0.99 and a complete album for $9.99, but now stores are setting higher prices, with tracks going for $1.50 or even $2.49 and $11.50 albums being sold for $12.50 and $13.00 online. What is going on? In positioning themselves to take advantage of changing market forces,repparttar 137025 music industry has also hit upon another major factor in determining sales: consumer behavior. Legal music downloads offer people like merepparttar 137026 comfort of never having to waste time in retail stores looking for my favorite track from high-school days or wondering whenrepparttar 137027 latest album of Nickelback would hitrepparttar 137028 shelves. Instead, allrepparttar 137029 hassles are removed with everything easily searchable, previewable and downloadable fromrepparttar 137030 comfort of my computer chair (and this baby is very, very, comfortable). Consumers may not be usually rational, but they are always looking to saverepparttar 137031 effort when it comes to making any sort of purchases. Online stores (or is itrepparttar 137032 major recording labels? Who knows…) are now cashing into this very aspect of human psychology and are beginning to charge extra for a service they are portraying now as a privilege. Having already consolidated their core target market,repparttar 137033 time has now come to increase revenues.

Would this drive people back towards music piracy? Highly unlikely. People are not evil, or criminal, by nature. Appeals to their better nature usually work, and that isrepparttar 137034 strategy adopted by agencies likerepparttar 137035 Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) who are actively involved in putting a stop to illegal music sharing. Media campaigns encouraging music lovers to pay a dollar or two for tracks instead of ‘committing a crime’ by downloading them for free are actually working as slowly but surely, more and more people flock to online music stores. And with existing customers sticking to this more ‘comfortable’ way of buying music,repparttar 137036 industry is finally starting to win back ground it lost due to music piracy.

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Computers: You CAN Master Any Program

Written by Dina Giolitto,

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Now I ask you, what could be easier than learningrepparttar very BASIC language of computer use?

If you want to perform any action in any program, go torepparttar 136973 top ofrepparttar 136974 screen and readrepparttar 136975 words there. With some exceptions, most of them say things like FILE, VIEW, EDIT, FORMAT, TOOLS, HELP. If you click on each of these words in any program, they bring down a menu of more options. (I probably don't need to explain this to you, but I'm trying to make a point here.)

Let's userepparttar 136976 FILE menu as an example. We all know what's behind door number one. NEW FILE, SAVE, PRINT... damn, this is too easy isn't it. So let me now point out five more general facts about computer programs:

In most word processing programs,repparttar 136977 pulldown menus are all pretty muchrepparttar 136978 same.

In most illustration programs,repparttar 136979 pulldown menus are all pretty muchrepparttar 136980 same.

In most utilities programs,repparttar 136981 pulldown menus are all pretty muchrepparttar 136982 same.

In most photo-manipulation programs,repparttar 136983 pulldown menus are all pretty muchrepparttar 136984 same.

In most Internet Browsers,repparttar 136985 pulldown menus are all pretty muchrepparttar 136986 same.

Why am I taking such pains to point this out? Because I want to shed some light on a fact that's often overlooked byrepparttar 136987 skittish user. Because ofrepparttar 136988 fact that most word processing menus contain identical or nearly-identical pulldown menus, if you know one word processing program, you pretty much know all of them. That goes for all ofrepparttar 136989 other categories of programs as well. And even ifrepparttar 136990 menus are not identical, you knowrepparttar 136991 language. You'll be able to hunt forrepparttar 136992 words that performrepparttar 136993 desired actions.

At this point, I'd like to thank you for sticking through this tirade with me, so that I can make my final point: The only thing holding you back from learning new computer programs is your own closed-minded attitude. Point and click. Seek and find. There is nothing easier than this. So for anyone out there who claims that they're "just not a tecchie" and can't learnrepparttar 136994 programs: DO NOT DOUBT YOURSELF. You CAN learnrepparttar 136995 programs!

If you master Photoshop, you'll be able to use any Photoshop knock-off program with relative ease. If you learn Microsoft Outlook, you should have little to no problem with other email management programs. This goes for all kinds of programs.

How can you become skilled inrepparttar 136996 major categories of computer programs? Search for free, downloadable instructions onrepparttar 136997 internet, or pay a small amount for training books. Hook up with a computer-savvy friend for a little tutorial. Clickrepparttar 136998 Help menu and read each topic explained. Do all this, and master programs while saving thousands on computer training classes that you don't need.

Just open your mind, and you'll see what's before you;repparttar 136999 incredible world of computers andrepparttar 137000 miraculous acts you can perform through them by your own miniscule hand. You know a lot more than you think you know. So clickrepparttar 137001 mouse, and take your power.

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