Legal Considerations for Raising Capital

Written by Henry J. Fasthoff, IV

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• Have your attorney explain in writingrepparttar potential personal liabilities ofrepparttar 119266 company’s officers and directors ifrepparttar 119267 company violates any federal or state securities laws in raising capital. Potential penalties can be very serious, ranging from civil fines to jail time;

• Make sure that your written investment prospectus contains all required state and federal disclosure language inrepparttar 119268 appropriate places;

• Your attorney should reviewrepparttar 119269 business plan and financial statements for possible untrue and/or misleading statements; and

• Obtain a written opinion from your attorney whether your particular investment opportunity is required to be registered withrepparttar 119270 appropriate regulatory agencies.

Mr. Fasthoff is a commercial litigation attorney by day, and an entrepreneur in the marketing field by night. He represents corporate clients and individuals in the fields of commercial litigation; entertainment litigation; intellectual property litigation; arts law; technology law; and a wide variety of other business litigation matters.

Extension of Requirement for Biometric Passport Issuance.

Written by John Rians

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Glossary of Terms:

Biometric Passport - contains a computer chip containingrepparttar holder's photograph and personal information onrepparttar 119265 current passport, including name and date of birth, and a set of measurable personal features such as an iris image scan or fingerprints as identification markers.

Machine Readable Passport - contains two lines of printed OCR-B machine-readable data. The size ofrepparttar 119266 passport,repparttar 119267 arrangement of data fields andrepparttar 119268 photograph meetrepparttar 119269 standard ofrepparttar 119270 International Civil Aviation Organization.

US-VISIT Program - requires that most foreign visitors traveling torepparttar 119271 U.S. on a visa have their two index fingers scanned, and a digital photograph taken to verify their identity atrepparttar 119272 port of entry. Visas are required for most students, some business travelers and millions of other visitors, regardless of where they live. A departure confirmation program using automated kiosks is being tested at Baltimore-Washington International Airport and at select Miami Seaport cruise line terminals. Travelers leaving from either of these ports are required to confirm their departure atrepparttar 119273 kiosk by checking out, which involves scanning their passport or visa, and repeatingrepparttar 119274 scanning of two index fingers. Currentlyrepparttar 119275 officials are evaluatingrepparttar 119276 automated kiosk tests and considering alternatives for departure confirmation throughout 2004.

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