Left Alone in Stupidity

Written by Virginia Sanders

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Yeah, right, I thought you are going to buy investment property while you live in an apartment? Yes, she said happily. Even then, I thought, these guys are wackos. Nobody can do that.

But they did it all. Matt started an online business that netted him almost $44,000repparttar first year. Matt used affiliate programs that were all set up for him. All Matt did was advertise. When Matt told me his new house was only costing him $1800/month with his adjustable rate mortgage. He was making $4,000/month with his affiliate business and he had three loans through his LLC for $20,000 each that was just sitting inrepparttar 143045 bank that did not impact his credit, I started listening but I was too late, my friend was already leaving me.

Yes, they formed that LLC with two of his other friends and they purchased 2 duplexes and 2 triplexes right here in Sacramento again with an adjustable rate mortgage at less than 2% interest rate. They even hadrepparttar 143046 nerve to ask me if I wanted to rent one ofrepparttar 143047 units.

Of course I didnít want to move. I liked where I was living. I knewrepparttar 143048 landlord personally. Well, now they are driving away from me leaving me in this apartment complex that I love so much. I wanted to run after that truck. I wanted to go with them. I want a $500,000 house too.

I went to work to find myself a home-based business and I found out that affiliate programs arerepparttar 143049 best bet for making money onrepparttar 143050 Internet. I started really reading good books on real estate investing and I'm on my way to that house next door PAM. I'm followingrepparttar 143051 lead of people who actually made it happen for themselves. Affiliate programs are like that. You just plug into their knowledge center and reaprepparttar 143052 benefits.

======================================================= Mother to twin daughters and Nana to a 7-year old genius named Gary. A self-proclaimed procrastinator, The best way to earn money on line is with programs like the CB Mall http://www.cbmall.com/nopopjoin.asp?storefront=ginasands1 For savy real-estate advice found no where else she recommends Cash Flow Experts http://www.cashflowexperts.biz/cmd.asp?Clk=268269

EcomExpo - Affiliate Conference

Written by Ratliff J

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I will have more information available about Ecomexpo as it gets closer to October, but inrepparttar mean time if you would like to know more about it, please let me know.

For more information on EcomExpo, check outrepparttar 142775 Affiliate Directory.

J. Ratliff is the author of the Affiliate Directory.

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