Leave your dead end job…for good.

Written by Max Stein

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The healthcare field is one ofrepparttar fastest growing fields around. More and more people are retiring out of it,repparttar 107129 American population has grown and we are living longer lives. These conditions have created a huge demand for all types of medical jobs. Three hot jobs are:

Nursing Dental Hygiene Medical Coding


Just like healthcare, computer based jobs are continuing to grow. Computers are taking overrepparttar 107130 world, but they still need programmers and operators to make them work. Here are three jobs that have great growth potential:

Help Desk Analyst Software Development Graphic Design

Mechanical Trades

If you don’t like to sit behind a desk all day, there are plenty of jobs that allow you to be “constructive” and pay well.

HVAC Technician Electrician Appliance Repair Technician

Don’t settle for a dead end job. You have too many years left inrepparttar 107131 workforce to be unhappy for eight hours a day. With flexible schedules, short time to completion and a variety of financial aid options, a career college can take you towards a better job and a better life.


Max Stein, Salt Lake City, UT, USA http://www.degreesource.com/articles Max Stein is a freelance writer who writes about business, education and marketing. maxstein_9@hotmail.com www.degreesource.com

The Mid-Life Challenge: Make a Plan to Re-ignite Vocational Passion

Written by Craig Nathanson

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- Make a list of your abilities and interests, and then see how they match. You may be doing something you’re good at, but don’t enjoy. Instead, find something you enjoy and then learn what it takes to get good at it. Serena was fortunate that her vocational calling was right under her nose. For years she helped friends and colleagues improve their writing skills through informal coaching sessions. She realized thatrepparttar gift for teaching others how to transform ideas into prose wasn’t just a hobby. It was a vocational calling. Today, she runs Book Coach Press, which has launched 13 book titles (including my own “P is for Perfect: Your Perfect Vocational Day”). - Don’t be afraid to move toward your goals. Many people understandrepparttar 107128 need for change but are frozen in place. There’s fear that we may be jumping fromrepparttar 107129 frying pan intorepparttar 107130 fire. When Anita lost her engineering job, she avoided self-pity and instead graspedrepparttar 107131 possibilities of her new freedom. She began a journey of self-discovery that uncovered a long-undiagnosed illness, hypoglycemia and with it a new calling. She soon wrote a book on hypoglycemia. Now, she helps others understand and managerepparttar 107132 disease. Anita turned what could have been a series of unfortunate events into a new calling that has brought vocational passion to her life. Remember: No one will pull you aside at work, look you inrepparttar 107133 eye, and ask if you’re really happy with your career and your life. The power to understand what’s missing and do what’s necessary to find it is yours alone. Take responsibility for change, and change will happen.

Craig Nathanson is The Vocational Coach™ and the author of the new book, P Is For Perfect: Your Perfect Vocational Day by Bookcoach Press and the publisher of the free Ezine, ‘’Vocational passion in mid-life’’. Craig believes the world works a little better when we do the work we love. Craig Nathanson helps those in mid-life carry this out! Visit his on-line community at http://www.thevocationalcoach.com

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