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Written by Paul Siegel

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> TEMPLATES - These were used to define a format, a procedure, a way of doing things. For example, templates have be used to define a business plan. All a user need do is followrepparttar template and fill in his own detail to preparae his own business plan

> CALCULATORS - On sites dealing with real estate, finance, engineering and other areas where numbers are important, you would find calculators that enable visitors to do their own figuring and thus learning.

> MODELS AND SIMULATORS - Sites selling sophisticated products and services may have presented a model or simulator whichrepparttar 134700 visitor may use for learning. For example, some investment sites used a simulator to enable a visitor to invest fictitiously and see how his investment develops over time

> EBOOKS - Why not combine many ofrepparttar 134701 above elements into a focused ebook? Ebooks are available on a parade of subjects

Dynamic Learning

Dynamic sites, sites with oscillating banners, turning spheres or flashing alphabet letters, have become very common inrepparttar 134702 last year or two. But none of thse things has contributed to repparttar 134703 improvement of visitor learning.

The ViewletBuilder, by Qarbon.com, isrepparttar 134704 exception. Here you have a software package that enables you to build a learning sequence of slides showing how to accomplish a specific task or procedure. Althoughrepparttar 134705 viewlets can be impressive, this is not their primary purpose. They are vehicles for learning. Dynamic learning.

To obtain an idea of how valuable something likerepparttar 134706 ViewletBuilder may be, visit JimWorld's Free Site Templates, at http://www.freesitetemplates.com. Here he has a large number of viewlets - some made by Jim, some made by others - to help you in designing and building a website. He calls them templates. Here are 5 ofrepparttar 134707 many topics covered:



> FrontPage

> Paint Shop Pro

> Dreamweaver

Amongrepparttar 134708 companies using ViewletBuilder (according to their website) are Proctor and Gamble, Home Depot, Sony and Cnet.

Future Learning

The dynamic way to learn inrepparttar 134709 future will, of course, be from videos. But for videos to be used by Learning Fountans,repparttar 134710 cost of broadband would need to decrease enough to make it available torepparttar 134711 vast majority of Internet users. This may take some time.

Inrepparttar 134712 meantime,repparttar 134713 ViewletBuilder and competing products will do fine. Remember, a visitor may access a viewlet with a 56K modem and without having to download a plug-in.

Paul -the soarING- Siegel is a provocative Internet speaker and

Web Source Web Design Tips - Highlighting Free for All Links

Written by Shelley Lowery

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http://www.yourdomain.com/" STYLE="background:yellow; color:black

You can changerepparttar colors to whatever you'd like, but keep in mind,repparttar 134699 text must be visible onrepparttar 134700 background color.

Shelley Lowery slowery@web-source.net Tip provided by: Web Source: Your Guide to Professional Web Design and Development. http://www.web-source.net

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