Learning To Be Funny

Written by Bryan Brewster

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Humor often requires a buildup of tension. The story behindrepparttar punch line of a joke is as important asrepparttar 146600 punch line itself. I'm sure you've probably noticed how many jokes use 3 of something. (“Three construction workers were....” or “A horse, a fish, and a monkey...”) Using threes when making jokes is a great way of buildingrepparttar 146601 appropriate amount of tension. Twos don't seem to build enough tension, and fours don't seem to build enough.

While being funny can be a bit of a challenge, it is something that can be learned. If it doesn't come naturally, it could take some effort, and a lot of practice. Learning to be funny might be hard work for some of us, but what could be more fun than working hard at being funny?

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Make A Small Fortune In The Fishing Industry...

Written by A.J. Klott

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Oh and byrepparttar way-- it is a one man operation--so have fun running around that boat and giving orders to yourself, or you can hire someone and pretty much watch your $53k disappear.

No fortune there.

3. Make your own fishing lures-- This might give you some self satisfaction, or relieve some tension--which in itself might be a nice benefit forrepparttar 146366 rest of society- and I suppose if you can get $3.00 a lure you can actually triple your income as a current fly tier...However, I doubt you are going to make a fortune, unless you can break into a already saturated market of fishing lure producers or you live to be 116 and can sell them on ebay as "antiques".

I really couldn't find any bonafide "get rich in fishing" schemes, except forrepparttar 146367 tournament fisherman offerings, which pretty much isn't considered fishing at that point.

Not even an MLM scheme-- "You see, you buy 12 fish and send them to each ofrepparttar 146368 Kingfishers in your UPLINE-- and then you move up from carp level!!" --"When you move torepparttar 146369 top ofrepparttar 146370 "pyramid anchor"and become a "Marlin" you will then receive 64,000 FISH in your mailbox!"

Are you in?

So I guess we fishermen will have to retreat torepparttar 146371 "zen-minimalist" philosophy of : less is more, if we want to consider ourselves "wealthy" or "rich".

At least by fishing standards, we can consider ourselves rich in outdoor experiences, or having a wealth of fishing knowledge. Not to mention, thatrepparttar 146372 Toyota Chinook camper is paid for!!

According to my good friend"Webster" fortune is defined as :prosperity attained partly through luck... AND who knows more about luck than a fisherman!!!

So, keep trying to sell those Rolex imatations, cheap pharmaceuticals, and"secrets" to success on ebay.

The competition is a lot less in:"repparttar 146373 road to fishing riches" market. Which can only lead to a lot of "downtime", which can certainly be filled with..... FISHING!

Besides, I have never heard it said that: "the time spent selling cialis onrepparttar 146374 internet is not deducted from one's life"--have you?

A.J. is a writer,blogger, and sometime peddler of "fly tacks"-- the greatest invention since the runcible spoon!! His first book is due out in December.Visit his website at: http://www.twoguyswithflys.com

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