Learn to be Content

Written by Stanley T. Crawford

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Learning to be content does not mean that we can’t seek to improve our current situation. It does mean that we must have balance as we seek to improve. We shouldn’t be so focused on improvement that we fail to thank God for our current blessing(s). Lacking proper balance, our pursuit to improve may lead us to be ungrateful for our current blessing(s) from God. This would be a great mistake on our part as Christians.

Needless to say, learning to be content places a demand on our faith. Faith isrepparttar key to a successful journey with Jesus Christ. Faith will allow us to handle any evil (Ephesians 6:16). We have merely to step out on faith and trust God. All of us should pray for God to increase our faith, so that we can be content even as Paul was content.

Finally, re-read Philippians 4:10-20. Next ask yourself, “In my current situation, am I content as Paul was content?” If not, then ask, “Can I learn to be content as Paul was content?”

Copyright 2002, Stanley T. Crawford, isrepparttar 127020 editor of, “People ofrepparttar 127021 Bible,” and webmaster of http://www.whatismyname.com. All Rights Reserved. mailto:scrawford@whatismyname.com

Stanley T. Crawford, is the editor of, “People of the Bible,” and ebmaster of http://www.whatismyname.com. All Rights Reserved. mailto:scrawford@whatismyname.com

How Can You Say You Believe In God . . . .If you don't believe in yourself

Written by Jeannette Tyson Gregory

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You will never try out for basketball if your image of yourself is too short. Becoming a cheerleader will never enter your mind if your image of yourself is too fat.

The picture you create in your mind of yourself is who you will most likely believe that you are. Close your eyes for a moment and picture who you believe you are at this moment. Once you get a candid picture in your mind, try one of these two suggestions. (1) if you are pleased with it, save it in your memory (2) if you are not pleased, erase it. Now, picture who you would like to be.

Creating a good self-image is as easy as creating a bad image. Erasingrepparttar bad image from your mind is simple as creating a good image. Try it.

Founder of Writers' Incubator, a not for profit organization where her main focus is youth and young adults as they learn how to develop their God given gifts, especially in the areas of writing, art and photography. She is a published author of : The Corridor Of My Heart, What Does God Have To Say About Sex?, Sonshine For A Cloudy Day. She is also a recipient of The Editor's Choice Award, for her poem The Little League Game. See more at www.chosenwordpublishing.com

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