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Written by Peter Cullen

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Menu and Options

The main menu is completely self-explanatory and includes a button for "Start Here" which leads torepparttar "tour", a "Lessons" button, which leads torepparttar 143420 twenty lessons, an "Options" button (explained below) and buttons for advanced tests calledrepparttar 143421 Bronze, Silver, and Gold Challenges. The Options button lets you control what happens when a correct answer is entered (there are a few different choices), and contains an option for teachers that allowsrepparttar 143422 addition or deletion of a student's name. It is also possible for a "teacher" to construct "custom" lessons that operate likerepparttar 143423 other lessons. The option is in choosingrepparttar 143424 notes that are presented inrepparttar 143425 test. So, if you want your child or student to concentrate on recognizing certain notes, you can easily create exercises that contain only those notes. There is also a sound option that lets you turn on or offrepparttar 143426 sound effects that accompany parts ofrepparttar 143427 program.

Extra Challenging Exercises

The Bronze, Silver, and Gold Challenge exercises are more note recognition tests but withrepparttar 143428 notes passing acrossrepparttar 143429 screen at a faster pace, obviously requiring a quicker response fromrepparttar 143430 user. If a student can master these, there isn't much doubt that they know their notes.

So that's about it! This program doesn't balance your checkbook, manage your portfolio, or vacuum your carpet, but it never claimed to! If you want to learn to read music, or have a child that's about to start lessons or just shows interest, this product is a great buy. Imagine your piano teacher's surprise when your 5 year old shows up knowing how to read music on bothrepparttar 143431 treble and bass clefs! She'll fall off her piano bench! Byrepparttar 143432 way, my son, who has been taking lessons for two years, came home from school yesterday and ASKED if he could userepparttar 143433 Piano is Fun program! Think about that!

Peter Cullen is the Webmaster at http://www.PianoLessonReviews.com and an avid amateur pianist. The site reviews piano lesson offerings on the Web and offers many other piano-related resources.

Learn to Play the Piano

Written by Peter Cullen

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And it gets better...the second extra is another game called Keycelerator which helps you learn chord nomenclature and keyboard patterns. The game consists of a display of a chord pattern onrepparttar left ofrepparttar 143419 display, and four choices onrepparttar 143420 right - a multiple choice test...the choices are shown as keyboard segments with different notes depressed. So if you can readrepparttar 143421 notes ofrepparttar 143422 chord, you then pickrepparttar 143423 notes that representrepparttar 143424 chord fromrepparttar 143425 set of four choices; much more fun than studying a chord manual. The game keeps score and has a number of options you can control. (I'm not bragging, but I got a perfect score on my first test :)

The next extra is called Chordinator , which is designed to improve your chord recognition abilities. Structured much like Keycelerator , butrepparttar 143426 answer choices are inrepparttar 143427 form of chord names, not notes onrepparttar 143428 keyboard. Okay, I missed one on this game, but it was only because my finger slipped offrepparttar 143429 mouse and hitrepparttar 143430 wrong choice :) ...99/100 isn't bad though, right?

The next extra is really addictive It's called Perfect Your Pitch - it's an ear-training tool to help you home your pitch recognition skills. It plays a series of four notes and you have to pickrepparttar 143431 right choice from a set of four answers. It really is a lot fun. My score wasn't perfect on this one, and I had to force myself to stop ....like eating ice cream As you ear gets sharper it gets much easier to play songs by ear , and you'll start to recognize note combinations in common melodies and songs onrepparttar 143432 radio...just like learning a new language. This one is highly recommended. But don't ignorerepparttar 143433 other parts ofrepparttar 143434 course while you try to perfect you pitch recognition abilities.

There's yet another bonus included called Advanced Learning Techniques forrepparttar 143435 Piano , but I thinkrepparttar 143436 little book is misnamed I think you should read this first when you getrepparttar 143437 package, and I also think this little gem is worthrepparttar 143438 cost ofrepparttar 143439 package all by itself. What it tells you is how to practice - a topic that is completely ignored by most teaching packages - even by a lot of teachers I think it's one ofrepparttar 143440 most important aspects of learning to play any instrument. Read it as soon as you get Rocket Piano. If you're just starting out,repparttar 143441 insights you'll pick up here will save you a lot of frustration.

The Metronome program (another bonus) is really well-done. Just turn uprepparttar 143442 volume and save yourselfrepparttar 143443 cost of a physical metronome. The graphics are marvelous.

If you like jazz, after you've gone throughrepparttar 143444 basic Rocket Piano book, take a look atrepparttar 143445 add-on called Introduction to Jazz Piano . It has eight informative chapters that cover everything from jazz rhythms to chord progressions to syncopation. If you're not familiar with those terms, don't worry Start withrepparttar 143446 basic Rocket Piano book and then dive intorepparttar 143447 more advanced Jazz book.

So, my advice to you is to start your own personal countdown, and then blast your musical knowledge and your playing skills to new heights with this piano lesson package. Think about it...you get allrepparttar 143448 stuff described above for less thanrepparttar 143449 cost of one or two private lessons.

Peter Cullen is the Webmaster at http://www.PianoLessonReviews.com and an avid amateur pianist. The site reviews piano lesson offerings on the Web and offers many other piano-related resources.

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