Learn to Believe in Yourself

Written by Kevin Purfield

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Everyday you must plant mental seeds of prosperity into you mind and nurture them. We become what we think, therefore develop repparttar thoughts that will createrepparttar 116893 life you want to live. The key difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person is their habits.

Developrepparttar 116894 habit of being a power of intelligence and positive expectancy in your business and interactions with others. Cultivate patience and practicerepparttar 116895 work habits that will get yourepparttar 116896 results you desire.

Your mind is goal-seeking mechanism. Set large goals for yourself and others and work daily on achieving them. The purpose of setting goals is for you to decide exactly what it is that you want. You must clearly understand where you want to go before you can expect to arrive at your destination.

The philosopher Aristotle wrote that all behavior is "teleological" or purposeful- aimed at a goal. The one factor that governs your actions is your desire that you would be better off than you would be inrepparttar 116897 absence of your actions.

Stay positive and focused on your home business continually reminding yourself of your purpose. What ever we focus on becomes our reality. Continually focus on where you want to be and that isrepparttar 116898 direction you will go.

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The Virtual Assistant

Written by Lori Redfield

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Make yourself easily accessible through email, telephone and instant messenger. You should have access to whatever instant messenger service your client prefers. The most popular are ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo. Be certain to set your instant messengers to save your history so that you can easily refer back to client request or comments without having to solicitrepparttar client to repeat what they already have said.

A rule of thumb is to remain in communication withrepparttar 116892 client, but don’t waste their time. The client should end their work day each day with a sense of real gratitude ofrepparttar 116893 skills, organization and trustworthiness you bring torepparttar 116894 table. They should know that you are available to converse with at almost any time but you do not bother them unless it is absolutely necessary.

Inrepparttar 116895 endrepparttar 116896 presence of a Virtual Assistant should prove to makerepparttar 116897 company more money becauserepparttar 116898 owner and other business team members can focus on income producing areas of business that they otherwise wouldn’t have as much time to do.

The most common and I would say necessary tools forrepparttar 116899 job arerepparttar 116900 most current version of Microsoft Office. You should have and be comfortable using Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access. You should have either Macromedia Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage and knowrepparttar 116901 basics of HTML and ftp’ing files to and from servers.

So much of a Virtual Assistant’s work is based online that it really is crucial to have DSL or Cable internet access. You also want to have a good computer that you can rely on.

There is so little expense in running a virtual office that I don’t believe it is wise to cut corners with your computer, software and other office equipment. Havingrepparttar 116902 latest technology on hand and continuing to acquire and master new skills will increase your desirability and worth inrepparttar 116903 eyes of your clients. It will also demonstrate your commitment to your career.

When a client begins to trust you with important responsibilities and investsrepparttar 116904 time in training and familiarizing you withrepparttar 116905 procedures of their particular business, they need to be able to depend on you and to know that you are committed to your work.

In short, with administrative skills and above average technical savvy, coupled with an organized and professional approach – a career as a Virtual Assistant is definitely a viable and rewarding option.

Lori Redfield, owner of FreelanceMom.com, http://www.freelancemom.com is a Virtual Assistant, Freelance Designer and Internet entrepreneur. To sign up for her monthly newsletter, visit http://www.freelancemom.com/newsletter.htm

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