Learn the Secrets the Weight Loss Industry doesn't want you to know about weight loss diets

Written by Armand Dupuis

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I Rest My Case!

One ofrepparttar main reasons for that, is that all weight loss clinics give you a diet to follow, no exceptions. It doesn’t matter ifrepparttar 131394 weight loss diet is a meal plan, meal replacements, fasting drinks, diet pills, or whatever,repparttar 131395 reality is...

The faster you loserepparttar 131396 weight by following any kind of weight loss diet...

The faster you will regain allrepparttar 131397 weight

That’s reality!

Until you can accept that, you are only playing games with your own mind. The reason is quite simple, because...

Every single weight loss diet, “slows down your metabolism”, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Every weight loss Clinic would have you believe that it’s only a matter of findingrepparttar 131398 right weight loss diet for you (theirs of course).

Here’s The Secret

If depriving yourself of food (weight loss diets), causes long term weight gain, then...

Adding food to your diet will cause long term weight loss!!! THAT’S RIGHT!

It works every time, however...

It has to berepparttar 131399 right food. In our free weight loss program, our students keep on eating what they like and we actually add (real) food to their diet, and we help them to easily change... Not so much what they eat, but how they eat, and...

It works “every time”

Actually, we only have one Major Rule:


Instead of puttingrepparttar 131400 “Focus” on destroyingrepparttar 131401 metabolism with weight loss diets, we focus on...

Rebuildingrepparttar 131402 metabolism andrepparttar 131403 fat begins to melt away. That’srepparttar 131404 only answer you know. It’s quite easy once you knowrepparttar 131405 Secrets.

I realize that’s hard to believe, but how many people do you know who went on a weight loss diet, and “Kept it off”, again...

I rest my case!

The most important thing here is for you to inform yourself, and please realize that over 98% of everything that you think you know about weight loss, was taught to you either directly or indirectly by “The weight loss diet Industry”...

And now we both know what their Motivation is: “To Keep You Fat”, so that you keep coming back year after year, and giving them your hard earned money.

Make up your Mind to not get Scammed anymore.

I hope that I’ve helped in some small way, to guide you onrepparttar 131406 right path to slimming down for Life.

Have a Great Life!

Armand Dupuis is a Personal Trainer, Lecturer, Teacher, and permanent weight loss specialist, who has been a Serious Researcher into Human Consciousness for half a Century. As Founder of The Slim America Weight Loss Project, Mr. Dupuis has presently specialized his Teachings, into a powerful permanent Weight Loss System, and Information is available on his Web Site. http://www.adult-teen-weight-loss.com/

Why is it so EASY to GAIN WEIGHT during the HOLIDAYS?

Written by Diana Keuilian

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People love to give gifts aroundrepparttar holidays and many of these gifts are edible! Who doesn’t enjoy receiving homemade fudge or fruitcake from their Aunt Gertrude? The problem lies in our attempt to eat ALL ofrepparttar 131391 edible holiday offerings before it is time to take downrepparttar 131392 tree. Enjoy edible gifts in moderation, and don’t overeat simply becauserepparttar 131393 food is available.

REASON #4: All I Want for Christmas is My Sweet Tooth

Gingerbread cookies, spiced cakes, and truffles are all abundant duringrepparttar 131394 month of December. Far too abundant! Limit your sweet tooth to a couple sugar selections each week and save yourself fromrepparttar 131395 extra, empty calories!

REASON #5: Away in a Manger, No Time forrepparttar 131396 Gym

Shopping, wrapping, baking, gatherings…and you want me to go torepparttar 131397 gym? The holidays arerepparttar 131398 easiest time to put off working out. Sweating inrepparttar 131399 gym almost seems masochistic when your other option is to be curled up in front ofrepparttar 131400 Christmas tree with a plate of cookies in your lap! This year factor your workouts into your schedule and stick to it. Make sure that at minimum you are still getting a cardiovascular workout in 3 times a week.

Take time to integrate these tips into your busy December schedule, and I am sure that you will be thanking yourself comerepparttar 131401 New Year! I wish you all Happy Holidays!

Diana Keuilian, author, ACE certified Personal Trainer, and co-founder of HitechPersonalFitness.com offers online personal training and nutrition programs that fit your budget and schedule. Whether your goal is to lose weight, firm and tone, or to build muscle, HitechPersonalFitness.com will build a custom designed program just for you. Visit: http://www.hitechpersonalfitness.com/ and begin meeting your fitness goals today!

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