Learn some feng shui guidelines for your children's room

Written by Jakob Jelling

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As with all bedrooms,repparttar bed position is very important. First of all, your child's bed should not be right acrossrepparttar 116112 door. Besides, it should ideally have a wall at one side and be in such a position that allows him to easily seerepparttar 116113 door. If possible,repparttar 116114 bed should be in a corner since that would makerepparttar 116115 child feel secure and sleep better.

Also,repparttar 116116 position in whichrepparttar 116117 child sleeps can influencerepparttar 116118 time he wakes up and how deep he sleeps. If your child has problems waking up, you should place his bed in a position which allows him to sleep with his head towards east or south. Onrepparttar 116119 other hand, if he has light sleep, his head should be towards north or west.

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Written by by Laura Thykeson - Owner of "Ice Originals II"

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repparttar Art world, if you aren’t listed, you usually won’t get a second look, unless you are persistent in displaying your items and pieces torepparttar 116111 public, targetrepparttar 116112 demographic audience that will most likely be interested in your work, and create or produce often enough to have fresh and new pieces for people to choose from. I feel, and know for a fact, that there are many artists out there who are just as successful as they choose to be, and have marketed themselves entirely on their own, or worked through another individual, perhaps a friend with a website or their own website, without having to pay huge commissions for sales, bother with an agent, or rub elbows withrepparttar 116113 elite at a gallery “wine and cheese” Art Show. Not to mentionrepparttar 116114 sometimes biased juried shows that you can become involved in, which can not only break your heart and spirit, but sour you onrepparttar 116115 whole idea of pursuing something you used to enjoy so much. Do I sound cynical? Probably, but I have never been a mainstream thinker, always wanting to haverepparttar 116116 control over pricing, display, description, and target audience of my particular style. You are probably wondering, “Well ok, where are allrepparttar 116117 things that you have painted/created/sold, if you know so much?”. They are all gone, because I sold them all! I have sold literally hundreds of decorative items, paintings, hand-painted jewelry and purses, ceramics, and other items, by doing it my own way. There is a little secret to this though, all those items were signed with a different name than I have now! Under my “old name” I was at least locally immediately recognized. Now, it’s like starting over to re-establish myself. I didn’t start painting inrepparttar 116118 beginning because I ever thought I would sell anything-I started painting because I was bored and had always wanted to paint. I never imagined, that just through word of mouth, that my art would blossom into a full time business that I maintained for many years. I did commission work, sold to wholesalers, had my own line of clothing and purses duringrepparttar 116119 “wearable art” phase, and was literally working 14 hours a day to keep up. I specialized in unique designs, nothing was everrepparttar 116120 same, and all were my own original concepts. I experimented with techniques, and made alot of mistakes and had alot of successes alongrepparttar 116121 way, and finally, I just got tired. I even taught art classes, which is funny, since I never went to any classes myself! I am totally self-taught. I have gone through all of this to come to this final point. Am I listed? No. Am I a worldwide collected Artist? No. Do my older pieces bring higher prices than what I initially sold them for? Occasionally. Will I be famous after I’m dead? Who knows and who cares! I have had fun, made money, made alot of close friendships, and all along, I have done it My Way. My real point of this whole discussion is-my clients didn’t buy my work because I was a well known, collected artist-they bought it because they liked my work! I still run into past clients who have pieces I did for them by commission, and they never fail to tell me how much they still enjoy it, and “Am I still painting?”. That goes to show you that if a work of Art appeals to you, don’t worry about if it is a known artist or a newcomer. These people obviously still enjoy their piece of Art, which isrepparttar 116122 true purpose of buying Art anyway, aside fromrepparttar 116123 basic fact that it is a very personal form of expression forrepparttar 116124 Artist.

To sum this discussion up, just remember a couple of things. Don’t overlook that lovely piece of Art or Artisan creation that either reminds you of something special, or just really appeals to your sense of design, just because it is reasonably priced and you have never heard ofrepparttar 116125 Artist. Also, don’t hesitate to purchase that lower priced, good quality piece of jewelry, just because it may not be signed by a widely-known and collected designer, if it appeals to you and passesrepparttar 116126 “5 year rule”. You never know who or what will someday becomerepparttar 116127 next sought after designer, item or style, and besides that, you will never regret your purchase, you will get alot of enjoyment from it, and you won’t be out a bundle of money. Today’s unknown could well be tomorrow’s “Picasso”!

Laura Thykeson is a practicing Artist, business owner, published poet, and a big advocate and promoter of “The Underdog” as well as the emerging Artist/Artisan. She owns the following businesses:

“Ice Originals II ~ Collectibles, Jewelry and Artistic Designs http://www.tias.com/stores/iceorig

“Ice Originals - Inside out!!!” http://www.iceoriginals.faithweb.com

“Ice Originals Toonz” http://www.iceorig.com

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