Learn from the Masters (of Web Design)

Written by Stefene Russell

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Fourmilab Switzerland http://www.fourmilab.ch/ "OK, sorepparttar site looks likerepparttar 134749 early days ofrepparttar 134750 Web, with bare-bones text and annoying frames, but what this site lacks in visual appeal it more than makes up for in compelling content."

FuriFuri Co. http://www.furifuri.com/ "This Tokyo design company has a delightfully cool splash page, followed by a nice use of vertical links in a script-like font. In color and design,repparttar 134751 site echoes its culture. Nice job."

And today's sighting, which is just a well-designed 404 Error Page! http://noahgrey.com/404.shtml Take a look at Noah Grey's homepage as well--his content and design is just as interesting as his error pages. http://noahgrey.com/oldindex.shtml

If you're looking for something in particular (say you want to find other e-commerce/business sites to get ideas for yours), Sightings is a quick way to get some help here-their thumbnail descriptions immediately clue you in to what to skip--and what to click.

Stefene Russell will do a complete analysis of your site, including personalized tips on copy and design at http://fixmywebsite.com/analysis.htm Whether you're an e-business or a content provider, find ut how to make your site professional and effective. Read Stefene's free web site tips at http://FixMyWebsite.com Reach her at stefene@drnunley.com or 801-328-9006.

Ten Tips for Building an Ecom Web Site

Written by June Campbell

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4. Design with usability in mind and abide by basic design principles. Utilize white space, easily-read fonts, pleasing color schemes, universally understood symbols and backgrounds that don't distract fromrepparttar message.

3. Write inrepparttar 134748 second person. (i.e. You will appreciate our new product because ). Keep sentences short and no more than 3-4 sentences per paragraph. Make use of hyperlinks and interactivity unless doing so would take visitors away from your sales area. Remember also that your visitors may be situated in other parts ofrepparttar 134749 world, and they may not understand jargon or North American slang. Lastly, research shows that Web surfers detestrepparttar 134750 use of marketing hype. Subtlety counts.

2. Reward visitors from coming to your site. Offer free information, articles, contests, industry news or personalized services. Surfers are willing to provide online information if personalization isrepparttar 134751 result.

1. And most importantly, always answerrepparttar 134752 question, "What's In It For Me." In other words, talk "Benefits" not "Features." Sound familiar?

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